How to make a billion dollars with anti-grav

Instapundit linked to a story on why we don’t have hoverboards. As if the silly skateboard things from Back to the Future II are anything but a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Nope, if anti-gravity is invented it won’t be hoverboards nor even cheap access to space that will be the moneymaker. It’ll be beds.

Think about it. How many times have you been lying in bed saying “The Gravity is Too Damn High!” while feeling totally exhausted after what should have been a good night’s sleep? What you need is the Grav-Number Bed.

Maybe your wife likes to sleep at the moons gravity level, with her Grav-Number set at 16. But what if you prefer Mars? Your Grav-Number would be 38.

Think about it. You get shoulder pain like I do from sleeping on your side? Lower gravity is the answer. Crick in your neck from ending up in an awkward sleeping position in your old Full Gravity bed? Lower gravity is the answer.

I would make a billion dollars.

3 responses to “How to make a billion dollars with anti-grav

  1. Yu-Ain Gonnano

    Baron Harkonnen approves.

  2. Don’t forget to give Larry Niven a cut for his invention of Sleeping Plates. Heinlein never got credit for the water bed.

  3. It will be beds alright, but it won’t be sleeping. Think about all the women being suffocated under their overweight husbands and think what they would pay to have him hovering instead of trying to support himself when he hasn’t done a real pushup in 25 years. You could sell a billion dollars worth of anti-grav to American housewives.