TV shows that should suck, but, for various reasons, don’t

OK, here’s a show that must have been dreamed up by a dude hitting the bong just a bit too hard.

Take one Portland PD detective. His aunt shows up, dying, tells him he’s the last of the Grimms. Which he knows, because his last name is Grimm. “No, you silly, like the Brothers Grimm. Famous monster hunters!” Umm, what?

Cop starts chasing a bunch of supernatural creatures around Portland, Oregon. His new best buddy and supernatural sidekick is a reformed “Big Bad Wolf” who likes to fix clocks and watches. His actual detective partner, a rather oblivious but good-natured black man, has no idea why Detective Grimm is suddenly drawing all the weirdo cases. And then finding that what he learns while solving the cases is more disturbing than the murders were. The boss cop is a sort of cross between Voldemort and a snappy dressing Chuck Schumer. He’s evil, against Grimms, but for some reason doesn’t slaughter him right away. The comic relief is an Asian beat cop who ends up doing a lot of their legwork.


If I pitched this, I’d get laughed out of every studio in four countries. They’d probably try to have my mental health checked. A supernatural police procedural? With monsters who are constantly defying stereotypes? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Yet it works. You kind of like all the characters. Especially the reformed Big Bad Wolf. He’s a hoot. More like a curious child than a nightmare horror. You even feel a bit sorry for the Chuck Schumer character when a cursed coin makes him think he’s the second coming of Benito Mussolini.

And the Asian cop? Awesome. I come from Los Angeles originally. When you live out west you get used to the fact that lots of Chinese descended Americans have lived in the US longer than most of our families. It’s cool to see a totally integrated American cop with an Asian face. They’ve been here since at least the Trans Continental Railroad. Time to start casting them like they are just another flavor of American, rather than Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

It’s on DVD on Netflix. Give it a watch, you’ll like it. I got a big laugh out of the shout out to Deadmau5. Who knows what part will make you crack up.

6 responses to “TV shows that should suck, but, for various reasons, don’t

  1. Oh man. I love me some Grimm. I especially love the German names they come up with — for example, the big bad wolf is a Blutbad, which literally means “Bloodbath.” His girlfriend, the Fuchsbau, is a “Fox-build.” The names aren’t literal, but figurative, and to me that gives them verisimilitude.

  2. I love Grimm, too, but the gun handling is TERRIBLE. You can tell the actors who play the lead detectives never touched a gun before this role because they can’t keep their hands off it.

    “I’m just sitting here, talking to my mom, with my hand on my gun.” I actually tweeted the guy who plays nick about it. He didn’t respond, but after the hiatus it’s less prevalent.

  3. file the serial numbers off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, sell it back to Hollywood.


  4. Daniel in Brookline

    I haven’t seen it. It sounds a lot like Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series. If you’ve read the book(s) in addition to watching the series, could you please comment?

    (By the way, if you haven’t read the books in question, do yourself a favor and check them out.)

  5. Daniel, I haven’t read any of the MHI books

  6. I just imagine that they would have more cases, but what would a normal case have to do with being a Grimm?

    And Sean…seriously?
    You need to read those books. You don’t know what you’re missing.