I’ll set it on fire!

It takes a special kind of evil to torture a pet animal.

Three Monroe men are facing felony animal cruelty charges for setting the neighbor’s cat on fire.

Why would they do that?

Police reports state that on Sunday evening at the Castle Road Apartments (Suspect 3), a resident at the apartments, was upset that the cat had been getting on his car. He asked (Suspect 2) and (Suspect 1) to help him catch the cat. Witnesses say they heard him say “I’ll set it on fire”.

So the cat kept getting on his car, so he thought it would be a good idea not only to kill it, but to burn it to death so that it suffered before it died.

Suspect 3

So the ringleader, who is still on the run, is not only a convicted violent felon, he’s an absconder from parole.

Words Sean wants to hear on this one: “Shot to death while resisting arrest.”

5 responses to “I’ll set it on fire!

  1. The proper response to a cat getting on your car is a squirt gun filled with cold water. The fact this person even considered torturing the cat is a sad statement on the ineffectiveness of some parenting and the decline in values of our society at large.

  2. Right there with you, Sean. Maybe “crashed his car after a high speed chase, and was unable to escape the vehicle when it caught fire.”

  3. Reminds me of another incident:


    In such cases, I’m fond of Heinlein’s notion of “balancing”.

  4. Burned to death would be more like it…

  5. I want to hear ‘raped to death in prison’, but the burned to death in a car crash is nice too.