Passing a school bus, killing kids

I think that the fetish for Nerfing the world for children has gone too far. I’ve been known to blame all the ills of the modern world on two things, the income tax and school crossing guards (Kevin Baker, call me. I’ve got an Überpost for you on both subjects!). But I’ve never advocated running down children as they got off the school bus.

The State Highway Patrol has filed an involuntary manslaughter charge against the driver of a tractor-trailer truck that struck and killed a 7-year-old girl Tuesday afternoon at a school bus stop in Sampson County, then drove off.

You know I routinely look up the criminal records of people reported in the newspaper.


I’ll admit, I’m a bit surprised at this. But I guess driving a log truck is the only job a convicted felon and thief could get. And there is the well known principle that the two prime drivers of criminal behavior are inability to care about how your actions affect others and a lack of impulse control. Both factors that would lead to vehicle crashes.

And both caused by school crossing guards.

I’m just saying.

One response to “Passing a school bus, killing kids

  1. Sad story, and i ‘thought’ it was illegal to pass… oh never mind…