Oh NOES! Teh EBIL Gunz! On Campuses!

Poor Andrea. She’s so desperately afraid that NC Concealed Handgun Permit holders will no longer be banned from having a gun in their car when they are on a college or university campus.

For instance, the House will take up a bill today that will allow people with concealed carry permits to bring their guns onto campuses across the state as long as they store the guns in their vehicles.

You have to read her parade of horribles.

The students, however, can be a bit mystifying. They vomit a lot after football games. On the sidewalks. They sometimes drive onto nonexistent driveways, also known as lawns, and other times into trees. They laugh really loud at 3 a.m. and frequently have to be told to put their garbage into cans rather than on the yard. Then they have to be asked to roll their garbage cans away from the street. Things that are incomprehensible to the average adult often strike them as tres amusant. Like one morning, after a football game the home team won, I discovered that some wag had placed a condom over the street-crossing button at Cameron and Merritt Mill. Why? Who knows? It’s just the kids these days. They’re bright and shiny and full of mischief, same as they ever was.

Yeah, because that’s a good reason to deny adult CHP holders their right to carry a firearm.

You start to wonder if they live their whole life assuming that, except for them, no one on the planet is smart enough to get out of their own way.

News flash: The people on college campuses are not “children.” They are adults. The vast majority of undergrads are not even eligible for CHPs, because they are not 21 years old yet. But apparently the antics of college students are enough to deny adults their rights. Because college.

Notice I don’t say gun owners, because most gun owners are in fact, interested in preventing gun violence and support common sense measures that would allow this country to do so. No, I’m talking about highly reactive, anxious people who call someone a “gun grabber” because she supports universal background checks. I’m talking about people who react to every comment on gun violence prevention with anger and alarm. Geez, if you’re the ones packing heat, why so touchy?

We gun owners are touchy because people like her are doing whatever they can to make it more difficult and more expensive to exercise our civil rights. These gun haters don’t think blacks should be polite to the KKK, so why do they think gun owners should be polite to the gun haters?

Stick your “new civility” where the sun don’t shine.

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