Should the government decide how many bullets you can have to defend yourself?

When the door gets kicked in, you need all the ammo you need, and not one bullet less.


Where do the busybodies of society get off telling you that you are allowed to defend yourself with X number of bullets, but if you need more you should just die?

HT: David Codrea, GRE

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  1. Very powerful. No preaching about stopping power, marksmanship (or the lack thereof in a high-stress kill-or-die situation), or anything. Just a raw, visceral illustration of needing more ammo and just plain not having it. And of course, the unspoken “When seconds count, the police are minutes away” ending.

  2. Exactly! This video presents a real possibility in a SHTF scenario: gun runs dry but the threat is not neutralized. Also, the illustration that just HAVING a gun – or even USING one – is not an invincible talisman against evil, and that bullets, especially handgun bullets, are not miniature tactical nukes (goes back to stopping power). And, he was DAMN lucky to be ABLE to reach the gun in time (quick-access safes are nice when they work).

    If you get a chance, watch the “making of” video for this. It’s about 6 minutes and gives some really good insights on the actors and the hows and whys of what the producers/director/crew did.

  3. Thank you very much for this post. My Dad, a retired cop, told me about his friend and partner that died in a similar fashion. The perp was hopped up on PCP (new to us at the time); his partner had responded to the 911 call. When the backup finally arrived to help, (multiple 911 calls from bystanders about a dead cop), they found my Dad’s partner sitting on the ground against his cruiser, 6 empty .38 shells on the pavement, and six empties in his revolver. The perp was found just feet away, with 12 rounds buried in his torso and head. The after action report later determined the perp had been less than 3 feet away at the last shot; he managed to choke out and crush the cops neck before he too died, a few seconds later. In combat, our teams watched .223 rounds sail clear through the “skinnys” hopped up on whatever the local flavor of the week was. One old man stumbled, picked up his AK-47, and started shooting again. Look at the Moro Warriors in the Philippines back in the days when America took the island from the Spanish. The .45ACP was invented due in large part because of what we encountered there.

    Thanks again for the video, and for the NY Boycott tracking. Good stuff.

  4. That is a good one! And DEFINITELY on point!