Stop pretending that you care! (Language Warning)

By now pretty much everyone has read the story of the 5-year-old who shot his 2-year-old sister to death.

In southern Kentucky, where children get their first guns even before they start first grade, Stephanie Sparks paid little attention as her 5-year-old son, Kristian, played with the rifle he was given last year. Then, as she stepped onto the front porch while cleaning the kitchen, “she heard the gun go off,” a coroner said.

In Tuesday’s horrific accident that shocked a rural area far removed from the national debate over gun control, the boy had killed his 2-year-old sister, Caroline, with a single shot to the chest.

So let’s count the errors.

  1. Leaving a real firearm unsecured where children might get it
  2. Knowingly allowing a child to play with a real firearm
  3. Failing to teach proper gun safety to a child in a home with guns
  4. Leaving ammo laying around.
  5. Every single one of the 4 Rules.

It’s a tragedy. It’s not technically an “accident,” but you can’t prosecute a 5 year old for it. He didn’t know better, so he can’t be held responsible. Here in North Carolina, the parents could be charged with a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Not that they’d get any real serious punishment. 45 days probation and a fine for a first offense, max, but are you really going to drag the grieving parents through the courts?

  • This is your official language warning. If naughty words bother you, go read something else.

Here’s what bothers me about the story. The fuckheads on Twitter screaming bloody murder about the accidental death of a child none of them knew and none of them actually cared about before she became a prop in their political morality play.


Newsflash assholes: You aren’t fooling anyone with your crocodile tears. Tearing your hair and rending your garments while wailing might look cool in a movie, but you look really stupid when you do it over a child you’ve never even heard of before today.

Here’s what’s really going on. You assholes are pretending to care about this girl’s death so that you can use it to push for stricter gun control laws. You are using this girl’s death as a weapon to attack the gun company that makes the Crickett rifle (Warning, ThinkProgress) her brother was playing with. You don’t give a shit that tens of thousands (at least!) of these rifles have been sold to parents all across the USA. You don’t give a shit that these tens of thousands of rifles are used safely to teach children and small adults to shoot.

No, the only reason you give a shit at all about this poor little girl from a gun owning family in a flyover state is because you think you can use her death to advance your political agenda. At some point, when you were down on your knees scooping her blood up in your hands so you could grease the skids for more gun control, you should have seriously questioned your humanity.

The fact that you didn’t tells me you don’t have any left.

And what the fuck is it with all the Australian #GunControl fanatics on Twitter? Go the fuck back to your own country. If you want to cheer your masters for taking away your rights, go ahead. But don’t expect me to celebrate with you. And you better damn well not expect me to give up my rights to be just like you pussies.

I swear, half the gun hating assholes on Twitter are from Australia. It’s bad enough that if I were rich I’d fund an Australian version of GOA just to fuck with them.

14 responses to “Stop pretending that you care! (Language Warning)

  1. Spambots owned and operated by Bloomberg and his like, no doubt.

  2. Sweet rant….and spot on. I’ll be linking this one. Gun controllers arms have to be tired by now…with all the bloody shirt waving.

  3. This definitely needed to be said. Sorry, but they continue to just use these kids as fodder.

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  5. The more they dance in the blood, the worse they look.

  6. Sean, I haven’t read one of your rants before, but I agree, the salty language is sadly appropriate here. These blood dancers are evil, evil people. They will use ANY human tragedy to advance their cause.

  7. TheTominator

    Here is what I don’t think some people understand: the second amendment doens’t entitle you to any firearm you choose. Case in point: we can’t buy military-grade gatling guns at the sporting goods store. If you read the amendment, it states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.

    Now, the part that people tend to overlook is “REGULATED”.

    I believe that we all agree that we don’t want Joe Sixpack running down the street with a SAW.

    So, it’s a question of degrees, isn’t it?

    At what point do we say “I don’t feel comfortable with some nutcase, who hasn’t passed any safety courses, and has no idea how to handle a gun owning a … (fill in the blank).”

    Yes, RESPONSIBLE gun ownership is not a problem.

    IRRESPONSIBLE gun ownership is.

    We have to pass tests to get a driver’s license. Why not for guns? Or at least show some evidence that you’re not batshit crazy?

    For those of us that respect firearms and aren’t crazy (I happen to own a .243 rifle and a 38 special), I pose this question: “Of what are you afraid?”

  8. Tominator: Please define “regulated.” Now define “Militia.”

    And I can absolutely buy a Gatling Gun. They are perfectly legal, don’t require any special licenses, but are very expensive.

    No, we can’t agree that “Joe Sixpack” shouldn’t own a Squad Automatic Weapon. I don’t give a damn what my neighbors own. If they were dangerous people, I would expect that the State would make room for them in one of two places, either the prisons or the mental health wards.

    The world is filled with people like you who don’t actually believe in liberty. You want to pick and choose who can own what weapons. I don’t trust your judgement, nor do I trust the judgement of the sort of people who would set themselves up as the judges of the liberty of others.

    Let’s agree that anyone who can’t be trusted with a firearm can’t be trusted without a custodian. If he can’t be trusted with a gun, he can’t be trusted with gasoline and matches. And I never see any of you people demanding that the gas station attendent call the FBI before selling him a gallon of gas in a gas can.

    And spare me the “let’s treat guns like cars” bullshit. Anyone who tells me that he wants to treat guns like we treat cars is a G-D liar

  9. thank you. thank you very much. well done.

  10. Tominator, if I’m ‘afraid’ of anything it’s people like you; oh-so-reasonable sounding, you think, “Just give in to a few more laws…”

    Screw that and screw you.

  11. “are you really going to drag the grieving parents through the courts?”

    Yes, yes I would. Just like I would if they’d gotten drunk and wrapped the minivan around a pole and killed their daughter. I see a similar level of disregard for common sense and outright negligence in both cases.

  12. Tominator,
    The key word is not “regulated.” Constitutional law and history show that the key word is “infringed,” as in “shall not be infringed.”

    And historically, “regulated” does not mean what you claim it means (i.e.: “subject to government regulations”). It means “disciplined and effective.”

    Put another way, if you take Metamucil to help “regulate” your lower bowels, do you now have to petition the government and pass a background check to take a sh!t?

  13. TheTominator follow me on this one:

    Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, the right of the People to own and eat bacon shall not be infringed.

    On what planet could that be construed to mean that the People can only eat bacon for breakfast?

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