House Bill 937 passes 2nd reading in NC House

House Bill 937, which includes Restaurant Carry, a limited form of College/University Carry, and some other changes has passed the NC House. We will have to wait for the Third Reading.

In North Carolina, it’s the Second Reading that’s the actual recorded vote for or against a bill. The Third Reading is generally a formality and is a voice vote.

During the “debate” the stalwart anti-gun contingent tried to amend the bill to include such stupid crap as “Universal” background checks, magazine limits, and other amendments that stripped out parts of the bill that anti-gunners didn’t like. Every single one was tabled, most before they were even read.

Final vote for H937 was 76-38.

2 responses to “House Bill 937 passes 2nd reading in NC House

  1. Has it still got that stupid “unsupervised access” part in it?