H937 passes Third Reading and is on to the Senate

H937, which includes Restaurant Carry, and a limited form of University carry, passed the Third Reading in the NC House today.

As expected, the state House on Tuesday passed a bill that would allow people with permits to carry concealed weapons to bring their firearms into bars, restaurants that serve alcohol, college campuses and parks.

The Dems attempt to hang amendments all over this bill rejected, and boy are they mad.

Republicans used a legislative maneuver to table proposed amendments 12 times (once for a Republican amendment). Before Tuesday’s session, Democratic lawmakers called a news conference to complain about the tactic limiting the debate.


I watched the second half of the debate today, via live streaming on WRAL. The best part was at the end, the Dems were asking to “call the question” and actually vote so they could get it over with. They knew they were never going to stop it, so they just wanted it to be over.

And if I can find video of the news conference of the Dems whining about how the evil Republicans stifled their debate, I’ll post it. It ought to be worth a few laughs in a “Hippy Tears Are Sweet” sort of way.

7 responses to “H937 passes Third Reading and is on to the Senate

  1. Good for them! Screw playing fair, beat the dems at their own games!!!

  2. That is good news. I got a laugh when I read “Republicans used a legislative maneuver to table proposed amendments”. Interesting the dems use the same tactic but don’t whine about it when they do.

    VA passed legislation a few years back permitting restaurant/bar carrying. The blood bath predicted by the hysterical statists has yet to occur.

  3. what are the odds to pass the Senate?

  4. Do you know the Senate bill number yet, I can’t seem to find it on the list of bills.

  5. Red: One can’t give odds on something like that. Cross your fingers, and make sure your Senators know what you want.

    Brad: The bill number doesn’t change. It has passed the First Reading and is currently in the Rules Committee in the Senate.

  6. Where do you go to see the progress with the senate? And is there a set date they have to pass or reject it?

  7. To see the current info, go her


    The Senate must pass this by the end of the Short Session, next legislative year. In practice, if they don’t get somewhere with this during this legislative year, I would expect a serious blowup with GRNC.