If we call it a “Bill of Rights,” will it trump the real Bill of Rights?

Gotta love those idiots at Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. They think that if you call something a “Mothers Bill of Rights“(PDF) that it will trump the real Bill of Rights.

You think you have the right to keep and bear arms. But moms have a lot more “rights” and they totally beat your tired old rights.


  • You can keep guns, but not “Assault Weapons.” Mothers have a rights to make you not have those.
  • You can have free speech, but you can’t have a movie or TV show with “gun violence” in it.
  • You can keep arms, but don’t even think about “bearing” arms. Mom’s have the right to force you to keep those things locked up at home. Or the range. Just not in between.
  • Mothers have the right to “know” that their children are “safe” in schools. How exactly anyone is supposed to provide this is somewhat of a mystery, but since it’s a Mother’s Right, I guess the government better get started quick.
  • Any teachers who think they have a right to learn how to defend themselves or their students better think again. Mothers have the right to prevent them from learning anything self defense related.
  • You thought that guns were regulated. And not in the Second Amendment sense of working correctly, but in the modern sense of being subject to lots of laws. Nope. Mothers have the right to demand more laws that assert the government’s power to insist on certain “safety” features on guns. The “safety” features needed would be decided by people who don’t use guns, don’t like guns, and don’t give a damn about your gun working when you need it.
  • You thought that all voices were equal in the United States. No way! Mothers have the right to demand that the “gun industry” shut up, or at least our elected officials stop listening to them. Mothers not only have the right to demand useless “safety” features, they have the right to tell congresscritters not to listen to gun manufacturers telling them that they are useless.
  • You also thought that pretty much anyone could get on the internet and find out basically anything they wanted to know about guns, firearm related deaths and injuries, and crime rates. Wrong again. Apparently the Mothers have a right to demand more data. Even if the CDC has to use tax dollars to fake some research to satisfy the Mothers’ demand for more data.

They don’t just hate your guns, they hate you and they hate your freedom.

But hey, it says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,” so that means we have to let them win, right?

10 responses to “If we call it a “Bill of Rights,” will it trump the real Bill of Rights?

  1. Slicemaster19

    How about a Mom’s Bill of Privileges, as in over-privileged snobby whiners who expect everyone to bow down to their emotional rants.

    First, most ordinary citizens don’t have assault weapons, we have modern sporting rifles. Not the same, although they do look alike (and these women no doubt think looks are all that matters)

    Second, “gun free zones” are historically places were mass shootings take places, so I don’t know why they would want more of those.

    Third, they can know there children are safe if they are being protected by the brave law enforcement and armed teachers/administrators that have the ability to stop invading psychopaths

    Fourth, the government HAS seen to it that guns are treated like other products. They have mandated that they work properly, every time and without fail in the manner in which they were designed (to go bang and make whatever they are aimed at go away)

    And to address their final points; gun manufacturers have a stake in NOT letting bad people have guns. The more often some nut job kills a bunch of people, the more whiny creatures like these mothers try to put them out of business. Who do you think the manufacturers would rather sell to; 10 or 20 gang bangers, mental patients and drug addicts, or tens of thousands of law abiding citizens?

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  3. Iamfirstresponder

    ‘Preserve our children’s innocence and shield them from gun violence in America’
    Sounds like it is YOUR job to protect them form bad people with guns. After all, YOU are the first responder.

  4. Yes. and when your kids come to take my guns from me I have the right to protect my children.

  5. Yu-Ain Gonnano

    Surprisingly, I don’t know of a single thing in this list they don’t already have a right to do.

    No one is preventing them from expecting anything (lots of people have unrealistic expectations), making demands (lots of people make unreasonable demands), turning off the TV (lots of people do), seeking out information (done by fewer than should) , or knowing things that aren’t true (entire political philosphies depend on it).

    Last I checked, none of those are illegal.

  6. What about that fact that I have the right to protect my children the best way I can, which means with lethal force from the gun of MY choice?

    And they wonder what we call them anti-freedom!

  7. Didn’t a fellow named Mencken once tell us, “One horse laugh is worth a thousand syllogisms?”

    We are morally obligated to out this phony “grass roots” group as more George Soros astroturf. And we are morally obligated to mock and ridicule everyone connected with it.

    That’s the Alinsky playbook. And, you know, it works. We should start using it.

  8. Lol you people are idiots, constitionally and commonsense ignorant. controlling eith lots of ideas and no effictive REAL way to stop crime. which criminals do you people have mind that will obey your idiotic “gun free zone” signs? Infact all of the last several shooting sprees have been in your cursed “gun free zones”. Why is that? Is it because there is no way for people to protect and defend life in these zones because people like you refuse logic. i pity your ideals and mentallity of taking my rights away from me.dont sit ther and tell me i can still have other guns just not my “standard AR rifle. because losting rights starts somewhere and a small step is a big start. Your president Obama asked the nation saying victims deserve a vote. Well ladies they got a vote and sorry but the people of the united states spoke. wheather you want to admit it or live in denial. We put our rights and freedom over your false sense of fake security. We are America, We are partiots, We are III% and we ARE everywhere.

  9. My wife and I raise our kids in an “assault weapon enhanced” zone. Plus we homeschool, so no problems with any yahoo showing up to their school with evil intent.

    These pseudo “bill of rights” propaganda moves really get me a lot more upset than they should. I guess when you know the truth, fools offend thee.

  10. Hm. How about a mom’s duty of putting their children’s safety above their feelings about how the world should work? Shouldn’t they have a duty to find out how the world really works and then proceed accordingly instead of stubbornly trying to live in a world-as-they-wish-it-was?