Death in custody? (*Video*)

The wife is pissed off that her “God-Fearing” husband died while in police custody. She blames the police. Does she blame the person who her husband was fighting with?

Police were called to a neighborhood for an assault between (Victim) and another man and were told one of them had a gun.

Officers separated the two men, and then realized (Victim) was severely hurt and stopped breathing.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said medic officials, who were already on the scene, took (Victim) to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

She says “Everyone has problems and makes mistakes.” 


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What did she mean?


Oh, THAT kind of “God-Fearing Man.”

I’m guessing he was on his way to church to sing in the choir when he was set upon by another. And then, to top it off, the evil cops failed to prevent him from dying from injuries due to the fight.

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