Now they are going to “gag hate clerics” in (Formerly Great) Britain

I guess David Cameron is reacting to the embarrassing situation where the British police arrested Facebook and Twitter users for saying nasty things about Muslims. His latest attempt to smooth things over is to crack down on “hate preachers.”

David Cameron is planning new powers to muzzle Islamic hate preachers accused of provoking terrorist outrages such as the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.

The Prime Minister wants to stop extremist clerics using schools, colleges, prisons and mosques to spread their ‘poison’ and is to head a new Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force (TERFOR) made up of senior Ministers, MI5, police and moderate religious leaders.

The high-powered group will study a number of measures, including banning extremist clerics from being given public platforms to incite students, prisoners and other followers – and forcing mosque leaders to answer for ‘hate preachers’.

All is proceeding according to plan. No one will complain. Those Britons who believe that these Islamist lunatics need cracking down on will cheer. The Islamists will cheer the crackdown on the “racists” who oppose the Islamists. Who will stand up and say that the government is wrong to prosecute free speech from any side?

A far better response on the part of the British government would be to aggressively publicize the words of these hate preachers. They should send the BBC cameras to record the sermons and fund the translators necessary to make these hate filled sermons understandable to the average Briton. This would be what a decent government would do to educate its citizens.

But they aren’t running a decent government. They want to stay in power. And if they tell the truth about the Islamists, or better yet, allow the Islamists to tell the truth about themselves, they run the risk of the average Briton rising up and demanding that the state stop funding these vile creatures. But that would risk taking power from the people who depend on paying these Islamists for votes.

And if the choice is between Power and Truth, can you really expect the government to choose Truth?

HT: The Gateway Pundit

2 responses to “Now they are going to “gag hate clerics” in (Formerly Great) Britain

  1. They are becoming a caricature of a country… And in Sweden, the ‘youths’ rioting are Muslims so the cops are not doing ANYTHING! Europe is circling the toilet faster and faster!

  2. Remember, “we aren’t at war with islam” these attacks are “misrepresentations of islam” and as such have nothing in common.

    In reply to Old NFO, vigilante groups have formed in Sweden who are attempting to stop the spread of the riots. They are being arrested, of course.