The Camaro Club wants to have a word with this guy

And by the sounds of it, they’d like it to be a private chat, behind the building, holding tire irons.

(Suspect), 42, of Reed Road, stole four wheels and tires valued at $1,120, according to arrest warrants. He also presented a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro that wasn’t his to Johnson Auto Recycling to be crushed for $523, police said.

That better have been a rusted out hulk, because if he crushed something worthwhile, I don’t think any jury in the state would convict angry Camaro fans for beating him down.


He’s got a long and (what’s the opposite of distinguished?) career in crime. Apparently starting his adult criminal career with Murder 2.

5 responses to “The Camaro Club wants to have a word with this guy

  1. Maybe he is a Ford kind of guy? Had a Z28 whip his Pinto in a red light race and is now a serial killer of Camaros?

  2. Even the Camaro Club hates 90’s Camaros truthfully anything after 81 until the retro version sucks.

  3. Spider Elliott

    Had a ’94 T-top Camaro Z28. The first car I ever bought new. Maybe not the best Camaro in history, but it was a vast improvement over the ’82-’92. And I’ve had such a good memory out of it.

  4. I’m torn. On the one hand, we used to hang horse thieves, and the auto is the modern equivalent of a horse and buggy.

    On the other hand, it’s only a Camaro… 😀

  5. A buddy of mine used-to have one of those hot-rod Camaro’s with a chicken on the hood. Whatever, it wasn’t a Porsche.