Take your daughter to work day comes a bit late for one 9 year old

Generally, “Take Our Daughters (and sons) to Work Day” is observed the last Thursday in April. One 9-year-old girl must have been so upset that she missed her chance that she insisted her daddy take her to work last Saturday.

Police arrested a Hickory man for breaking into a residence; they say he brought his 9-year-old daughter along with him.

Aww, how sweet!


Well, it does seem to be his actual employment, so you can’t blame a girl for wanting to see her daddy at work.

One response to “Take your daughter to work day comes a bit late for one 9 year old

  1. Around 2000, shortly before Christmas, I spotted someone in an SUV picking up UPS packages that had just been dropped off at a neighbors house. What got my attention was the young boy circling in front of the house right after the truck left. As soon as the vehicle arrived, he took off after the UPS truck. I was in my car, so I followed the kid, and observed the same scenario. I dropped a dime on them. The detective told me later that the guy had his even younger girl in the vehicle with him, and a pile of stolen packages. Less than a grand total, of mostly clothing, so should have ended up as a misdemeanor. I suspect that child welfare people probably got involved, though.