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Mother Jones wets the bed in terror

Mother Jones has finally discovered that you can build your own firearm. What’s their biggest problem with it?

I’m with a dozen other guys, some sipping coffee, others making introductions over the buzz of an air compressor. Most of us are strangers, but we share a common bond: We are just eight hours away from having our very own AK-47—one the government will never know about.

Yep. That’s exactly it. The government will never know about it.

Why do gun haters always come back to that point? The idea that you are not permitted to own a firearm without first getting permission from the Government? You can’t build a plastic gun, an AK, or buy a gun without a background check/FBI permission.

The guy writing for Harper’s explains it to us, writing about the recent invention of a printable plastic gun.

What really has people upset about Wilson’s plastic pistol is the absence of permission inherent in the project. The idea that people might own something as dangerous and personally empowering as a firearm without society’s permission is what has always given gun-control advocates the fantods. That’s really what we talk about when we talk about guns: the power of the individual in relation to the collective, and the extent to which each of us needs to live by the permission of the rest.

It’s never about Guns, always about Control.

Duke Energy Progress is run by idiots

Unfortunately I have to use some unkind language. Please avert your eyes if you are offended by this sort of thing.

Dear Duke Energy Progress,

How fucking stupid are you? My wife’s been doing our bills for a long time. She’s got the computer banking all set up, with the addresses all put in for sending out checks each month. Types a few numbers, hits send, bang-zoom, bills paid. That’s what you idiots want, right? Our money? I guess not.

Just recently you people merged. It was “Progress Energy” here, Duke Power somewhere else. Now it’s “Duke Energy Progress” or some such thing. I don’t give a crap what you call yourself, so long as my power works and the bill isn’t outrageous. But on the back of your bill it has a statement “Remit payment to: Duke Energy Progress, PO Box 1003, Charlotte, NC 28201.

Now my wife, being the logical sort of person she is, remitted payment to that address. So imagine her surprise when the check came back “Return to Sender, Unable to Forward.” Ummm. What?

I, sensing my wife’s clear inability to calmly and rationally explain her predicament to the poor fool manning the phone, made the customer service call. After punching about 100 buttons on the phone to get to the right department…

  • Me – Hey, the check from the bank got returned to us as undeliverable.
  • Him – Well, I can give you the new address that starts next month, it’s  Duke Energy Progress, PO Box 1003, Charlotte, NC 28201
  • Me – That’s the address we sent it to.
  • Him – It doesn’t work till next month.
  • Me – (Inside Voice) Are you fucking shitting me? Who the fuck is so stupid that they print an address that doesn’t work on a bill sent to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of customers? No one, that’s who. Except you assholes. (Outside Voice) Oh, well thank you. Could you please explain to your bosses that printing an address that doesn’t work on the power bill doesn’t make a whole lot of sense?
  • Him – Yes sir.

Duke Energy Progress, you are officially the stupidest people I’ve dealt with all week. And that includes the women on Facebook pissed off that they couldn’t find their particular bra size at Victoria’s Secret.

Remind me someday when I’ve calmed down to explain to you why I consider “I don’t fit the bras sold in ‘normal’ stores” to be a shining example of “First World Problems.” You are on Facebook, so clearly you have an internet connection. Google “Bra Store” plus your city name. Go there. Get fitted. Done.

And women wonder why men don’t seem to care about whatever it is they are bitching about.

Another person not stopped by gun control

How do these things keep happening?

A 21-year-old Raleigh man faces attempted murder and other charges in connection with an early morning shooting Monday in the 700 block of South State Street.

Who did it?


Doesn’t Gun Control stop this sort of thing? Or doesn’t it work on criminals?

I’m a landlord, can I be a douche and demand my tenants be disarmed and helpless?

Yes, you can!

Given these troubling statistics, many landlords and property managers have been wondering if their property rights allow them to limit gun ownership in their rental properties without violating the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The answer is yes. The Second Amendment is a limit on government power, not a limit on private citizens. And if a private citizen landlord wants to ban guns in his or her rental properties, there is no Second Amendment violation.

Those “troubling statistics” the author mentions are ripped straight from the anti-gun Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership’s web page.

Every day in our country about 289 people are shot, some deliberately and some by accident. A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure someone in a domestic murder, suicide, or accident than to be used in self-defense.

If you follow her link and read the footnote,

5Kellermann, Arthur L.MD, MPH, et al. “Injuries and Deaths Due to Firearms in the Home.” Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 45 (1998): 263-67

You might want to remind the author, as I did, that picking a fight with gun owners is a losing proposition. She has comments moderation, so who knows if it will ever see the light of day.

Any bets on how long ’till Reasoned Discourse™ breaks out? Will it be preemptive? Or reactive?

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Beheaded in the Street edition

If only we banned all handguns like they do in (Formerly Great) Britain. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about people getting beheaded in the street by Muslim terrorists.

Two suspected terrorists were shot by armed police after attacking a pedestrian, believed to be a soldier, with a machete-style knife close to military barracks in an ‘Islamist attack’. 

 So they attacked a soldier, near an army barracks, and the cops quickly responded and shot the terrorists dead?

One witness, called James, told LBC radio: “We saw clearly two knives, meat cleavers, they were big kitchen knives like you would use in a butcher’s, they were hacking at this poor guy, we thought they were trying to remove organs from him”

“These two guys were crazed, they were not there, they were just animals. They then dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road.

“They took 20 minutes to arrive, the police – the armed response.”

The crowd gathered and watched, but except for a few brave British women, no one intervened.

“When they dumped the body in the road, these two black guys had the opportunity to hurt other people if they wanted to because there were brave women with the dead guy on the floor, they were shielding and covering him. The attackers with the knives were standing over these women.

These women didn’t die only because the killers didn’t wish to kill them. Once again we see that a disarmed victim zone leaves onlookers with exactly two choices, stand passively and watch evil do whatever it wants, or intervene empty handed and almost always share the victim’s fate.


Only a sick society tells people that they are too weak, too stupid, or too unsafe to be permitted to haul out a handgun and drop the terrorists in their tracks. Click over and look at the photos. There are residential apartments visible from the murder scene. Anyone could have used their home defense gun to put a halt to this. But because it is (Formerly Great) Britain, no one had so much as a pocketknife.

The outcome will be the same. More demands for more police and more government intervention to “protect” the people while actively taking every possible weapon out of the hands of the common people. You start to wonder if the terrorists and the government aren’t on the same side.

Hey, you can’t have a gun!

Someone forgot to tell this guy that he can’t own a gun.

Police have filed a charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon against (Suspect), saying he used as handgun to rob a Harris Teeter grocery store on Falls of Neuse Road two weeks ago.

Why can’t he have a gun?


Proving that the very people who shouldn’t have guns are the ones who will ignore the laws against it.

Sounds like shooting this guy would have improved the species

What kind of jerk pulls a stunt like this?

Officers arrived to find three women who said they had been assaulted by (Suspect).

The women identified (Suspect) to police.  The women recounted to police that (Suspect) walked up to them while they were standing outside of a residence. They said (Suspect) began to harass them and they told him to leave, which he did.

He came back a short time later, armed with a box cutter, Capt. Johnson said.

(Suspect), Johnson said, grabbed one of the women by the head and cut her. The other two women tried to help and were injured in the struggle, he said.

The women were able to get away from (Suspect), who reportedly continued to make threats before leaving the scene, Johnson said. 

This guy



Shooting him in the face would have been a public service.

Drugs make you stupider

What can you say about this one?

Police Tuesday charged a 27-year-old man with trafficking in marijuana and with child abuse for having a 4-year-old and 2½-year-old in the house where police say he kept the drugs and for having a bowl of bullets in the open and chicken bones on one child’s bedroom floor.

Honestly I’m more worried about the drugs and the chicken bones. Little kids rarely eat ammo, and without a gun to shoot it, it’s pretty safe.


Of course, loose ammunition in a bowl on the ironing board implies possession of a firearm that would shoot that ammo.

Now, loose ammo in a baggie in the bottom of your range bag indicates that you found some live ammo when you were picking up brass on the range.

Glad he was only in minimum security

Here’s a slightly different Felons Behaving Badly story. Felon escapes from prison.

An inmate escaped Saturday afternoon from Gaston Correctional Center in Dallas and was on the run for about four hours.

(Convict), 22, was noticed missing at 1 p.m. when prison officials conducted an inmate count, according to a communications officer with the N.C. Department of Public Safety.

He was captured at 4:45 p.m. walking along Dallas-Stanley Highway, about four miles from the prison.  He was possibly headed toward Stanley, said the communications officer.

It’s believed (Convict) escaped shortly before 1 p.m., going over a fence at the prison, according to information gathered from inmates.

The story goes on to say he was serving time for “Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.”


Just think, he was scheduled for release in October of next year! We won’t have to wait long for him to be out stealing from cars, stealing guns, and generally making a nuisance of himself.

Don’t you just love our “Justice” system?

But tyranny is impossible in the USA! (*Video*)

Some HUGE admission from some serious opponents of guns

Piers Morgan calls the IRS scandal “borderline tyrannical”


Joe Scarborough says his background checks argument “is less persuasive today”


and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says, when asked if the scandals make people more wary of government demands on gun control,

“Absolutely – I agree 1,000 percent,” Mr. Manchin said on MetroNews’ “Talkline.” “People are saying, ‘Joe, we read your legislation, it makes all the sense in the world and we’re for that legislation – we’re just afraid government won’t stop there.’”

Well no duh!

Background checks give us NOTHING. No crimes will be prevented by banning me from loaning my rifle to my friend on pain of 5 years in Federal prison. It just takes us one step closer to being put on a government list.