Child abuse by auto accident

There’s a lot of problems going on here.

The mother of a 10-month-old boy was charged Tuesday with child abuse in connection with a May 21 one-car accident after which the boy’s father was arrested on the same charges.

You have to read this to believe it.

Police said they determined that relatives had found (Victim) on the floor of the back seat of a 2002 Ford sedan that (Suspect 2), 26, of 1818 Watkins St. in Raleigh was driving in a parking lot on Dennis Avenue when it swerved and hit a tree at about 40 mph.

How does that work, exactly?

The “relatives” took the baby from the wreck, waited 12 hours, and then took the baby to the hospital for a broken ankle. Since the child was not in a child safety seat, they charged both with child abuse

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

No word on if the unnamed “relatives” will be charged for taking the baby and not getting him to the hospital for 12 hours.

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