Gun school post has been made “Private”

For those searching for the Lethal Weapons Training Academy post, I’ve taken it private. I’m dealing with other things and I think it’s time to end it. The post still exists. I have not nuked it totally, but it’s not publicly accessable.

You want to know the hardest thing for me? It’s hearing from all the other students that I was an obnoxious, abrasive, disruptive, jerk. They were all pretty uniform in their comments, so I have to accept that is the truth. I thank them for their honesty and I will see what I can do to mend my behavior. I can only apologize to them for disrupting their class.

Let me repeat once again the update on the original post.

Bob is a genuine combat Marine. He is not a fly by night, a PX Ranger, or a joke. Do not, in my hearing or on my blog, disparage his actual service. He paid a very high price for being out on the tip of the spear, a price that continues today. Like I said in comments, if you’re a praying person, spare a prayer for Bob. For my part, I pray that this weekend will not end up being thought the measure of the man. He has spent himself unsparingly for liberty probably as long as I’ve been alive both in the Marines and as a civilian. If I’m angry about this weekend, I’m still proud of him for how he spent his life.

Comments are closed on this post. If you have something you need to say to me on this subject, my email is accessible on this site.

UPDATE: People have asked if I have been threatened legally. The answer is no, absolutely not. Nor do I expect to be.

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