Restaurant Carry +P+ gets a big win in NC Senate today

UPDATE: Here’s the in depth analysis of the bill.


I’m sitting her obsessively hitting the refresh button on the House Bill 937 page, hoping that the NCGA will update the bill with all the good stuff that the Senate added to an already good Restaurant Carry bill here in NC. “Amend Various Firearms Laws” sounds so cold, so I’m going to call it “Restaurant Carry +P+.”

Here’s what WRAL has to say.

North Carolinians would no longer have to get a pistol purchase permit from their sheriff before buying a handgun under a omnibus firearms measures that cleared the Senate Judiciary I Committee Tuesday morning.

House Bill 937 was already an omnibus gun measure when it cleared the House. In general, it strengthens penalties for those who commit crimes using a gun. It also expands where those who have concealed handgun permits may take their guns, including bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Currently, firearms are not allowed in such establishments.

The Senate has rewritten the bill. It added penalties for concealed handgun permit holders who violate the rules associated with the permits, including carrying a handgun after having consumed alcohol.

It’s got a lot. I’ve seen the actual language, and it has all the following stuff.

  • Pistol purchase permits would be eliminated.
  • Park carried rules clarified, in our favor
  • Guns in locked vehicles on ALL school properties. Now you can drop your little one off at school while carrying and not be a felon!
  • CHP records no longer public records. No more newspapers snooping on you
  • An end to the ban on firearms at parades and funerals, if you have a CHP
  • CHP holders can carry in “Assemblies that charge admission,” such as theaters.
  • Silencers legal for hunting.

Once the NCGA posts the new language, I’ll do an updated post on this bill.  There are two small things I would change, but overall, it’s a huge win.

Look for it to move quickly through the Senate, returned to the House for concurrence, and then off to the Governor for his signature. Keep up the pressure on all of them and we’ll all be able to go for dinner and a movie date nights without leaving the handguns in the car.

7 responses to “Restaurant Carry +P+ gets a big win in NC Senate today

  1. Sean, if I’m not mistaken, you can’t actually *carry* on campus, even in your car. However, there is no requirement that it be in a *locked* compartment. So an console or unlocked glove box should suffice.

    Still, it’s much better than what we’ve got now.

    Oh, btw, the updated PCS was posted:

  2. The PCS says that if it’s in a locked compartment, you’re good. That means inside the car with the door locked. They allow you to open and close the door to get in or out so long as you lock the door immediately.

    I am currently working on that PCS to turn it into human readable language. I have to pull out all the line numbers. What a pain.

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  4. If this passes I’ll actually get my permit. It’ll finally be worth it.

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