Durham man steals cars in scheme that makes no sense

In a complicated scheme that honestly makes little sense, records were the undoing of one Durham man.

A scheme that had hired tow trucks being used steal cars over 10 years old from Durham owners and sell them to junk yards led to charges against a man whom sheriff’s deputies are seeking, they said Tuesday.

You have to read the story to see if you can understand the scheme. The stealing, selling to junkyards, and pocketing the money makes sense. But why did he ask to buy the car only to steal it afterwards? Was he making sure that he wasn’t stealing from people who were very attached to their cars?


The junkyard operators kept records of the vehicles, so when the cops came looking for the cars, the junkyard operators pointed them right towards the thief.

Maybe they should just toss him in the car shredder with the car.

2 responses to “Durham man steals cars in scheme that makes no sense

  1. This one is interesting in that he is currently 23, but committed his first crime in 2007 when he would have been around 17. That’s a pretty sad start in life.

  2. Dumb criminals… sigh… And that story just makes NO sense…