Friday Funny

For some reason, with the No More Names (a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc.) bus coming to Raleigh tomorrow, Moby Dick came to mind.

…to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.

—Moby-Dick, Chapter 135. “The Chase.—Third Day

Doesn’t that sound just like a gun grabber screaming his/her hatred towards guns and gun owners?



The White Whale swam before him as the monomaniac incarnation of all those malicious agencies which some deep men feel eating in them, till they are left living on with half a heart and half a lung. That intangible malignity which has been from the beginning; to whose dominion even the modern Christians ascribe one-half of the worlds; which the ancient Ophites of the east reverenced in their statue devil;—Ahab did not fall down and worship it like them; but deliriously transferring its idea to the abhorred white whale, he pitted himself, all mutilated, against it. All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick. He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.

—Moby-Dick, Chapter 41. “Moby Dick” 

 Sounds like the mind of a gun grabber to me.

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  1. robertsgunshop

    I’m going to have to steal that picture. That’s too good to pass up.

  2. Just leave the logo on it.

  3. robertsgunshop

    I did. And gave credit with a link. Someday I need to learn how to do that.