Cops shoot 17 year old drug dealer in Charlotte

That’s one way to cut down on crime

Police in northeast Charlotte say they were forced to shoot a teenager in a gang-related undercover drug operation.

I don’t normally report on drug news because basically I don’t care about drugs. I’d legalize them all and let people smoke, sniff, and inject themselves into their own oblivion. Drugs irritate me more for the crime associated with drug dealing.

In this case, two teens were making a drug deal with an informant and an undercover cop. The dealers tried to rob the informant and shot at him. The undercover police officer shot back, killing on of the dealers.


He was 17 and already a felon.

When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action. When you choose a life of crime, you choose jail, death, or possibly both.

3 responses to “Cops shoot 17 year old drug dealer in Charlotte

  1. Good riddance… Just sayin…

  2. And somewhere in Charlotte this shitbags next victim will be able to go about there lives without being beaten, raped, stolen from, murdered or whatever.

    Not to mention the cost savings!!!

  3. Another “child” killed by “gun violence.”

    Every death is a loss. Even those of drug dealers and gangbangers. However, we will never make sensible public policy decisions until we unblinking confront who and what the problem really is.