I wouldn’t mind so much if they would stop spreading the “love” around

When criminals end up dead, I don’t really mind. It’s an ordinary business hazard of crime.

A man who was wounded during an exchange of gunfire over the weekend in East Durham has died of his injuries.

Seems that a group in a car shot at a group on the sidewalk. Probably gang related, I’d say.

What bothers me is when they share the bullets with others.

A short time later, more officers were dispatched to a business near the intersection of Cheek Road and Midland Terrace where vehicle had pulled into a nearby parking lot. One of the passengers inside the vehicle, a 47-year-old man, had been shot. Police think the man had been shot on Gray Avenue and was an innocent bystander during the exchange of gunfire. 

 The cops have not released the innocent bystander, but they’ve let us know who died.


Do you think that it was a complete coincidence that the person they were shooting at was a felon?

One response to “I wouldn’t mind so much if they would stop spreading the “love” around

  1. More great police “marksmanship” – mostly likely because they emptied the “high capacity” magazines the cops would prefer that we not have. I’m all in favor of giving them back their Police Positive Specials and Highway Patrolmans and training them that every one of those six (6) shots count.