The Atlantic plays a game of Let’s Pretend

Oh those silly Yankee liberals at The Atlantic. They’ve sunk to claiming that North Carolina is the new Wisconsin.

Nowhere is the battle between liberal and conservative visions of government fiercer than North Carolina. From the environment to guns, abortion to campaign finance, religion to taxes, Raleigh has become a battleground that resembles Madison, Wisconsin, in 2011.

You mean the Madison, Wisconsin where tens of thousands of idiots staged sleep-ins at the Capitol Building? The one where the Democrat minority fled the state to prevent losing a few votes?

Newsflash Yankees. Wisconsin is a liberal state that got irritated enough to elect some Republicans. They might go back to being Democrat tomorrow. North Carolina was a state that was gerrymandered by the Dems for 100 years. In 2010 the Dems suffered such a blowout loss to Republicans that the Republicans took the Senate with a 2/3rds majority and nearly did the same in the House. The Republicans promptly gerrymandered the state to favor themselves and then in the next election scored a 2/3rds majority in BOTH houses, plus a Republican governor, plus went for Romney over Obama. 

The Dems have lost North Carolina forever. They were holding on by the skin of their teeth, and Obama’s 2010 midterm pushed them out finally. Yes, there are a few lunatics who are protesting at the Capitol, getting themselves arrested, but no one cares. Until I asked her, my wife had no idea that it was going on. Compare that to Madison, where their slobs made national news.

The whole story has the whiff of “Othering.” They act like “Who are these rubes who’ve seized power and are doing wacky extremist right wing lunatic stuff?” I left them this comment.

Are you people insane? North Carolina is the new Wisconsin? Don’t make me laugh. NC is a conservative state that was held down by the Democrats by gerrymandering for 100 years. We were “moderate” only because the Dems didn’t dare ask for all their policies because it would have turned the conservative voters against them.

The Dems finally fell off the tiger they’ve been riding and now they are getting eaten. Of course they are angry about it. Who likes to get ripped apart and devoured after successfully duping their constituents for so long?

The votes on 2010 & 2012 weren’t even close. There’s a 2/3rds majority in both houses and the governor won in 2012 running away. You don’t have Wisconsin Mark II, you have another Utah in the making. And I, for one, am glad of it.

All you New Yorkers, Jersey Girls/Boys, and other assorted Northerners will sneer at us Rebel Scum, you’ll mock the accents of my neighbors, and you’ll pretend you’re better than us. Yet come 20 years, you’ll all have moved down here with your retirement money to enjoy our easier weather and polite southern manners. We’ll still have an economy that works while your home states will have imploded due to public sector debt. And you’ll buy a gun and forget all your Yankee ways.

That’s all they’ve got. Moral superiority based on total ignorance of who we are.

7 responses to “The Atlantic plays a game of Let’s Pretend

  1. Damn, Sean, I could have written this one. 😉

  2. “Moral superiority based on total ignorance of who we are.” Perfect summation.

  3. Democrats are pit bulls. They will win. Sooner or later they will win.

    Don’t have children.

  4. What do you mean by “Utah in the making”? I live in Utah, but I’m a transplant and have only recently (4 years) into politics.

  5. Antitango: A deep red state.

  6. Ok, that part I’m very aware of!

  7. ” and forget all your Yankee ways.”

    if only.