How North Carolina receives carpetbaggers Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

EDITED TO ADD: One of the stated aims of the Giffords/Kelly tour was to visit states where vulnerable Senators voted for or against the Toomey/Manchin gun control bill. Senator Kay Hagan, (D-NC) voted for T/M and is one of the most vulnerable Senators in the 2014 election. I saw no evidence at all that Hagan made any attempt to meet with Giffords or Kelly during this visit. This matches what happened in North Dakota where Democrats distanced themselves from her politically as well as physically.


North Carolina is shedding its reputation as The Massachusetts of Dixie when it comes to gun laws. We are poised to end a bunch of stupid prohibitions with House Bill 937. And if there’s one thing that North Carolinians can’t stand it’s outsiders coming here to tell us how to run our lives. Strange how a kid from California can move here and go all native, huh? All you Yankee Carpetbaggers, GO HOME!

Today was the last day of Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly’s whirlwind tour of the USA. Seven states in seven days.

Anyone know what this is?

Gabbys plane

That is a photo of the private jet Gabby and Mark flew around in. It’s a $25,000,000 Candair Challenger CL-600. It’s owned by Montfort Aviation, which is owned by the Montfort brothers. Charlie Montfort owns the Colorado Rockies baseball team. It must be nice to have such generous friends to fly you all across the USA to push for further infringements on our rights.

Dubbed the “Rights and Responsibilities Tour” (and hilariously hash tagged #RandRTour, yeah, that plane looks like Rest and Relaxation to me!) Giffords and Kelly seemed to be pushing the Spiderman theory of gun ownership. “With great power comes great responsibility.” The reality is that their organization, “Americans for Responsible Solutions” has four goals.

  1. Ban all private firearm transfers
  2. “Limit” all “high capacity” magazines. Limit appears to mean “ban.”
  3. “Limit” all “assault weapons” however they decide to define that. Limit appears to mean “ban” on this one as well.
  4. Stop “Gun Trafficking.” I guess they plan to make it illegaler. Double illegal? Triple illegal?

So however they spin themselves, they are just another garden variety gun grabber group. We met them on those terms.

It took a lot of doing to find out where the R&R Tour was going to show up. So much so that I actually went to the airport to meet the plane in hopes of getting info on their planned stops for today. The cops kicked me out.

Luckily, the media told us what was happening. We heard several variations, but the basics were that they would shoot sporting clays, have a round table discussion with gun owners, and meet with their supporters. The general consensus was that their round table discussion with gun owners would happen at “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in downtown Raleigh at around 11AM. Paul Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina couldn’t make it, so he put me in charge and asked me to make it happen. With less than 10 hours notice, we wrangled a crowd of about 25-30 people. Here we are at the beginning when the media showed up


Photo Credit: Eric S, Raleigh

Immediately the media descended. I gave 4 on camera interviews and one print interview. Our main message was, not surprisingly, “Why is Gabby Giffords trying so hard to avoid the group she claims to represent?” That message set the tone for a lot of the coverage.

WRAL, channel 5.

Giffords meets with gun control supporters in Raleigh

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords visited Raleigh Sunday as part of a nationwide “Rights and Responsibilities Tour” to highlight ways they believe tougher laws can reduce gun violence.

Pro-gun rights group Grass Roots North Carolina criticized the couple for sitting down only with members of their organization rather than reaching out to gun owners across the political spectrum.

The group, which last week offered 100 rounds of free ammo to the first person to track down where Giffords would be, also questioned why details of the visit were not released until Saturday morning.

“Why are they hiding from the gun owners they claim to represent?” the group said in a statement Friday.

Here’s the video. I don’t speak on camera, but I spent quite a bit of time explaining to the reporter how they billed this as a “Round table with gun owners,” but we gun owners were excluded. I guess he listened. Listen for the bomb he drops on them for excluding us. You can see me in the crowd scene rocking the purple shirt.

UPDATE: The WRAL video has been pulled from the WRAL website. We’re trying to get another copy.

Note also how many people they have in the “round table.” Fourteen. We had double that on the street outside.

Here’s how NBC17 spun it.

Giffords brings gun control tour to Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. – A gun rights group staged a protest Sunday at The Pit restaurant, where former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, met to support tighter gun control laws.

But the gathering was “by invitation only” which led members of Grass Roots North Carolina to ask why they were not invited.

“We’d like to know why Gabby Giffords is hiding from the very gun owners she claims to represent,” said Sean Sorrentino, while protesting outside.

Let’s go to the tape. Watch how they’ve edited it to make it appear that I answer every question Mark asks. This reporter made me look awesome. (If the video doesn’t load for you, this is the link to watch it at their website)

WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham, Fayetteville

ABC weighs in with this

Gabrielle Giffords holds Raleigh gun control rally

Not bad.

Here’s News 14 Carolina. I see that I need to work on not sounding so flat.

Here’s the print story from News 14

Gabrielle Giffords meets with Raleigh gun owners to discuss gun control

RALEIGH — Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords visited North Carolina as part of a nationwide tour to promote tougher gun laws.

Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, met with gun owners and victims of gun violence at The Pit restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

The group, Grassroots North Carolina, protested Giffords’ appearance criticizing it for being an “invitation only” event.

“They said they were speaking for the gun owners. Well, they’re hiding from the gun owners,” said Sean Sorrentino.

And finally, the Raleigh newspaper, The News and Observer.

Giffords, NC group both claim to represent gun owners’ best interests

RALEIGH — Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords urged a small group gathered Sunday at The Pit restaurant to keep up the battle to expand criminal background checks on gun sales.

Across the street, about 20 protestors with Grass Roots North Carolina held signs saying “Guns Save Lives.” The protest was the group’s latest attempt to show its frustration with Giffords’ message and with event organizers. A day earlier, Grass Roots North Carolina President Paul Valone publicly offered 100 rounds of free ammunition to the first person to identify the firing range Mark Kelly, Giffords’ husband, visited Sunday morning. The offer was made because Giffords’ and Kelly’s group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, didn’t publicly release details surrounding their Raleigh visit, Valone said.

By keeping the details hush-hush, Giffords and Kelly were not engaging with real gun owners, just a pre-selected group, he said.

Grass Roots North Carolina protest organizer Sean Sorrentino disagreed. Expanding criminal background checks places a hurdle in front of gun owners, Sorrentino said.“It’s saying I have to prove my innocence before I can use my Second Amendment rights,” he said.

Our mission was to deny them the chance to claim to be the middle ground. They are trying to play the “We’re moderate” card. Note how every reporter titled their story except N&O. “Gun Control.” There’s no euphemisms like “Gun Safety.” No “Common Sense Gun Laws.” It’s straight up “Gun Control.” That is pure win for our side.

I am really pleased with how the protest went. GRNC looked pretty good and Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly were variously tarred as lying about the round table and as plain old gun controllers.

If they were hoping to sweep in and change anything, they’ve failed. They’ve only managed to get my face on 3 of the 4 major news channels and GRNC’s repudiation of them in every single story printed. Having failed in their mission, they got in their jet and flew to Asheville so Gabby can continue her rehab.

I hope that Gabby gets better. There’s no reason a would be assassin should destroy her life. There’s also no reason she and her husband should try to use that assasination attempt to take away our rights.

43 responses to “How North Carolina receives carpetbaggers Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

  1. Let it be known that the public beating has not gone out of style.

    Well done, sir.

  2. An epic win, sir. I hope that activist groups across the nation can emulate your tactics.

  3. Great job.
    GRNC looked like what gun owners are; average people peacefully protesting to protect their civil rights. Not a bunch of scary nuts. Sean and hundreds of activists like him will make gun rights the successful civil rights fight of the next decade. We are winning.

    FYI the News 14 video is now private. I could not find it on their site, at least in an obvious place?

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  5. Well done, Sean!

  6. rd: Sorry about that. I’ve changed the video settings. Give it a look now.

    Erin: Thanks!

    Chase: I do to.

    George: Thanks!

  7. It’s disgusting how her husband and the gun control crowd in general are exploiting her injury.

    My Sister suffered brain trauma several years ago (car accident, not gun related). She is in a similar situation and the fact is, she is no longer fully capable of making informed decisions. She is very susceptible to suggestion because she can no longer clearly evaluate the facts and reach a conclusion on her own.

    Seeing Ms. Giffords speaking leads me to believe that she is in a similar state. I do not believe she’s formed her opinion based on her own thoughts and reasoning, because she is no longer fully capable of doing so, but is following the lead of those who are exploiting her…and it’s despicable.

    If her husband wants to go out and preach for gun control based on what happened to his wife, he’s more than welcome to do so, but exploiting his wife in such a way is flat out dishonorable.

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  9. Well done, sir!

  10. Sean, you did superb work all around–not just the interviews, but also all the logistical work you put into organizing the counter-rally.


  11. Fantastic job, Sean. Well done, indeed.

  12. Excellent job. Reminds me of one of MY favorite quotes from History:

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” ~ Mark Twain

    As Patriots, and defenders of not only the 2nd Amendment, but the ENTIRE Bill of Rights & the Constitution, we must stand strong against Tyranny and the Liberal Left.

    Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Eighth Day of July in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Thirteen.

  13. Scott Quillen

    VERY WELL DONE! EVERY location they land in to promote their gun grabbing agenda should respond in kind!

  14. Bubblehead Les

    Well Done. First rounds on me when next we meet.

  15. ProudHillbilly


  16. So how many people showed up to support gun control in NC as having traced back oh 14-16 different gun control rallies since April 2013, in cities where gun control is supposedly strong, cant count 1,200 gun control supporters in cities totalling over 14 million people. Not to mention how few supporters have been showing up for Mayor Blooming Idiots 26 stop anti gun Joseph Goebbels tour.

  17. Excellent performance sir!

  18. Thanks for standing up to the nonsense, GRNC! As an adoptive Texan and Southerner, I share your abhorrance of carpetbaggers. However, that’s too harsh a term for Mrs Giffords and too kind a term for those treating her as some kind of living, breathing spokesdroid. It is reprehensible the way folks are using her disability to push their agenda. Mark Giffords should be dragged by the wrists behind wild horses.

  19. Nicely done, sir, nicely done indeed.

  20. Well done Sean!!!

  21. I wish we could have done that up here in Alaska when they came

  22. The gun-grabbers are having to use Gabby because Jim Brady is past his “Best if used by:” date.

    It’s still disgusting though.

  23. Amazing job–well done!

  24. Is she just doing medical rehab here in Asheville, or are they putting on any more of these “round tables” here? If they are, I’d be up for some counter action.

  25. Barry Vermillion

    When America puts God back into His proper place there will be no need for gun control or most of the politicians. This country is falling completely apart and it has nothing to do with guns. It has to do with moral and political bankruptcy.

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  27. Mark Kelly is either ignorant, a liar, or both, on his statement about expanded background checks. FFL holders who are selling firearms at gun shows have to do the same background checks at the gun show as they would if selling the firearm at their place of business. As for sales over the internet or mail order, yes, you can ORDER over the internet, but the firearm is shipped to a dealer with a FFL, where you must have the background check done before you can take possession of the firearm.
    Given Kelly’s prior actions of trying to make at least one straw purchase of a firearm (in Arizona), I would say he is both ignorant and a liar.

  28. Scott Quillen

    Ogrrre – you hit the nail squarely on the head and explained the FACTS about background checks! Everyone who argues that “internet sales and gun show sales are done without background checks” and that there is a “gun show loophole” are woefully ignorant on the subject, and unfortunately that includes most of the same losers in Congress that agreed to the whole “we gotta pass it so we can know what’s in it” deal. America is certainly paying the price for so much ignorance!

  29. You hit a home run Sean.

    Fabulous job. Maybe Gabby and her hypocrite husband will come to Illinois soon so we can give them an equally fitting and warm welcome.


  30. Outstanding job Sean.

    A fellow GRNC member in Shelby.

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  32. I agree with the person making comments about the former congress woman’s ability, or lack thereof, to coherently evaluate situations and form opinions regarding them. When she has difficulty even reading the words she allegedly wrote and speaks as if she might be at about a 2d grade level of understanding, she isn’t doing her husband’s gun control agenda any good. It is a rediculous situation when a person such as the retired astronaut possesses guns yet wants to control other people’s rights to keep and bear arms.

  33. Matthew Carberry

    I’m not sure putting Sean’s face on TV is a “win,” more of a “necessary evil.”

    Hopefully the viewers realize it’s the Giffords’ fault. 😉

    Just kidding, very well done. Like Isaac I wish we had any notice at all that they were going to be up here in AK. They really snuck in and out.

    Sens. Begich and Murkowski ducked them as well.

  34. Iunderstandanditdoesntmatter

    Sorry but I stopped feeling sympathy for them, the moment she and her husband embraced treasonous attacks on the constitution and bill of rights.

  35. unknown suspect

    We had the privilege of the wench and her wanna be telly salvalis husband in our state as well. It was a quiet visit and nobody really cared. You have your northern carpet baggers, we have our southern carpet baggers. Flying up and telling us how to live our lives is a big no-no. You’re likely to have your house catch on fire, your dog shot and bricks thrown through your car windows.

  36. Well done, Sean and GRNC! Makes me proud to be a member of GRNC, and I’ve have been with you if not for being out of town on business.

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  38. I think you did a fine job, however, the last statement about how you hope she recovers is very kind, but misguided. I’m from Arizona. While she represented our state, she repeatedly lied to the people of AZ about things like Fair Tax, among other bills she was supposed to consider. Her husband is carrying on that tradition by conflating “internet and gun show firearm sales” with private party transfers and claiming that none of them are currently required to undergo background checks to secure the purchase of those weapons.

    Frankly, both she and her husband (along with most of CONgress, the judiciary and the executive branch) are enemies of the constitution, the republic and the people. I don’t wish her any additional ill-will unless she continues on the path to destroy our rights…but make no mistake, there is a time fast approaching where these enemies of the founder’s republic will have to be dealt with accordingly…I pray we can do it peacefully, but it appears more and more likely that blood will have to be spilled to return this country to its founding principles.

  39. Well played, Mr. Sorrentino. Thank you for standing up for the rights of Americans in general and North Carolinians in particular.

  40. As we say in the South, you said a mouthful!

  41. It is ironic that they never mention the Glock pistols they admitted owning earlier this year, or shoot them at the ranges they visited (only shooting sporting clays, as if we should follow Vice Pres Biden’s advise, that we only need a shotgun). I believe the Glock pistols they own would violate the high capacity magazine ban they are trying to shove down the American People’s throat.

    I say any restrictions that these gun grabbing politicians propose should first be tried out for a year by their body guards. They would soon be singing a different tune. I’m fed-up with the elite thinking one standard is fine for them, but the average Joe American should be held to a different standard. I want to protect my family every bit as much as I want to protect these politicians, and feel I have a right to do so through the 2nd Amendment.

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