Dear Rings Manufacturing, Are you serious?

Rings Manufacturing makes Blueguns. Wonderful blue colored cast plastic firearm mockups useful for holster makers and for safe(er) force on force training.

I bought their Springfield XD45 because my wife wanted to work on desensitizing herself to handguns. She actually brought it up all on her own.

This is what it looks like in the catalog.


There was one thing I wondered about. They had actually cast the grip safety into the mold. “That’s pretty strange,” I thought. “Does it move, like on my real XD45?”

Apparently not.

Seriously, Rings? You cast a training gun that no one could actually hold during training?

I took my brand new Rings Bluegun to the Wylie E. Coyote School of Gunsmithing and used a Dremel sander to sand it down flat.


A better view of the sanding job.


 I guess no one’s going to be hiring me to work on their firearm grips any time soon.

Other than that, I’m pleased with the Bluegun. I can practice draws in the hallway, which is nice. I taught my wife proper grip on it after I modded it. She still thinks the grip feels a bit unnatural, but she’s doing pretty well for someone who’s honestly terrified of handguns. She even has problems with cops being near her.

I’m pretty proud of her for trying so hard. Most people wouldn’t bother to face their fears.

9 responses to “Dear Rings Manufacturing, Are you serious?

  1. To your wife, a big ol’ “well done.” If only most people were brave enough to challenge themselves that way!!

  2. Good for her! And for you for going that extra step to help her overcome her fears!

  3. She may find the grip angle of a 1911 better suited to her wrist and hand natural angle. Both your brother and I find it more comfortable.

  4. My own sister, who has never been a gun person, is totally intimidated by semiautomatics, so the solution that presented itself was to buy a double-action revolver for her to have as a house gun. To make it even easier for her I picked a Smith & Wesson in .32 Long, which has less recoil than even a .38 Special. And .32 revolvers are in plentiful supply, and cheap.

  5. The grip safety on my 1911 Commander is also popped up, thankfully the natural resting place of a 1911 grip safety is barely perceivable (which sucks if you’re one of the grip types that don’t naturally deactivate the grip safety).

    Still they can be a PITA, my thumb-break shoulder holster will not close on a hammer-down 1911, and it took a LOT of effort to get one where the gun was in a condition to actually be carried from them.

  6. Congrats to her and you! My wife, no lover of guns, brought up the idea of her getting a pistol and a CCW Saturday. My heart almost stopped.

  7. Good for her! It takes a lot of courage to face your fears.

  8. Blue Guns are mainly targeted for holster makers and simulations. I can see the confusion. Especially for the price, they certainly should look like the picture! I have found airsoft guns to be as realistic and even cheaper. Is that going to be the next step for her? No recoil and still very safe.

  9. Weerd (and anyone else who has a “hammer down” blue gun single action semiauto and cannot get their thumb break to snap on it) — cut off the hammer, just like Sean did the grip safety.