You aren’t my friend

I got unfriended today. I left a comment on a friend’s link saying “Ask a simple question. Do you believe there are any circumstances where a non-government employee can legally and morally kill another person? If the answer is ‘No’ then that’s a dead giveaway that you aren’t dealing with a serious person. Apparently this person is not serious.

Here’s the “response” I posted as a status update.

Dear “Friends.” It has come to my attention that some of you aren’t really my friends at all. I don’t mean you aren’t “close friends,” I mean that some of you may have declared yourselves my enemy without even realizing it. As a friend, albeit in many cases only a virtual one, I feel it is incumbent upon me to show you the lines before I call you “out.”

If you deny my right to use lethal force to… defend my life, the life of my wife, or the lives of innocent people around me, you are not my friend. You are my enemy. You are demanding that I die rather than kill someone who is attacking me. You don’t have that right.

Anyone who is silly enough to believe that it is better to allow evil to win at the cost of his or her own life is free to live like that if they want. There’s no law against stupid. But you cannot demand that I live under your rules. As a free man, I have the right to defend my life with any force necessary to preserve it. I further have the right to stand in defense of my family and in defense of innocent people around me. You cannot demand that I stand idle while others are attacked. You don’t have that right.

My life, my wife’s life, and the lives of the innocent people around me do not belong to you. You did not give these lives and therefore you cannot take them away. You cannot unilaterally redefine thousands of years of legal and moral precedents to suit your whims. If you wish to die because you refuse to kill, that’s your business. Like I said, there’s no law against stupid. But don’t expect me, watching you jump off that bridge, to jump off with you.

If you decide to let someone kill you instead of fighting to keep your life, I’m not going to lie and say that I “respect your position.” I can’t respect that and I won’t. I don’t ask you to “respect” my position either. I don’t actually care. You can either be on my side or you can be on the side of society’s predators, because to refuse to fight evil is to ally yourself with it. There is no “neutral” ground.

And don’t say “I’ll call the police.” If you refuse to defend your own life, what the hell gives you the right to demand someone else fight to preserve it? Where do you get off demanding that another person take responsibility when you refuse to? That cop is just another person. He isn’t your dog, to order to take your wounds, to fight your enemies while you sit safely outside the battle, your moral “purity” unstained.

If you are one of those unfortunates who has been programmed by your parents, your friends, “society” or whoever that your life is not worth defending, think about who you owe duty to. Are you married? Kids? Parents? Friends? Who will be hurt when you are hurt? Who will suffer when your die? Consider saving them the pain and suffering by respecting your own life and fighting to preserve it. And if the attacker dies in his attempt to harm you, he bears the shame of it.

If I’m attacked, I will use any and all means consistent with honor to stay alive. I carry a gun, pepper spray, a knife, and I will use them all if necessary. I won’t fight fair, I won’t take chances. I will leave an attacker bleeding on the ground if I’m given half a chance.

And if you don’t like that, too bad.

 If you don’t agree that I have every right to use deadly force to defend my right, feel free to unfriend me. Because you aren’t my friend at all.

10 responses to “You aren’t my friend

  1. Sean, well stated, particularly this “If you refuse to defend your own life, what the hell gives you the right to demand someone else fight to preserve it?”

  2. Sean,

    Do you really need a friend like that. If he isn’t going to defend his own life from threat of violence, he sure as hell ain’t gonna’ help you out when your life is threatened.

    Forget about it.

  3. Are you kidding? Rants like that would prompt me to ADD you as a friend, if I were on the Book of Face!

    Well said, sir!

  4. Well said!!! 🙂 Of course facebook is liable to ban you for that truth… 🙂

  5. A pacifist is a freeloader. They serve a similar role to people who refuse to vaccinate. In short, they are enablers of the violence they claim to abhor.

    As far as I am concerned, they are truly sub-human. I recognize no duty to assist, protect or respect them.

  6. Tomy Ironmane

    You just managed to encapsulate my sentiments on the matter quite well, and the reason I have such a dislike for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    I also take issue with the often smug, self-satisfied utterance “I don’t believe in guns.” Really? Is this Neverland, where guns will disappear if you disbelieve them hard enough?

  7. I could not agree more… we have a right, a responsibility to protect our self and our families with any all means available to us. As a gun right’s activist myself, I applaud you! The Second Amendment makes all other rights possible, without it we would be powerless not just against those who would seek to do us harm, but more importantly, we would be powerless against our government.

    I urge everyone to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, to speak up and make your voice heard and make your votes count on election day for the choices we make today, will effect our children tomorrow.

    Michelle Prescott
    American Gun Rights
    National Facebook Page –
    Twitter- @USAGunRights

  8. Spot on, buddy. I’ve been defriended many times (even by a family relative) when I lambasted those who voted for our current President and also over our unalienable right to self defense. Frankly, I don’t give a hoot. Life is too short to worry about so called “friends”. I try not to alienate others, but sometimes they need to hear the cold hard truth even when they don’t like it.

  9. I know we disagree on other issues, all of which are less important than self-defense. I think that’s okay. I think this is one of the few points where no disagreement should be tolerated. People who won’t protect themselves, regardless of circumstances, put others at risk unnecessarily. And selfishly.

  10. In 2005 the Castle Rock v. Gonzales decision by the SCOTUS stated that under the Constitution the police are not required to respond. Thus those who do not wish to defend themselves can’t expect help from law enforcement; anyway it is usually too late to stop the criminal activity when they do respond. Too many criminals, not enough police or they are too far away, so protect yourself or suffer the consequences.