Found shot dead

Another dead person found in Durham.

Homicide detectives have identified a man found shot to death shortly after 12:30 a.m. Thursday as (Victim), 49, of 204 Mutual Court.

And who is he?


How does that keep happening? If gunfire was as random as everyone makes out, you’d think that the dead would be a much more representative sample of general society, wouldn’t you?

3 responses to “Found shot dead

  1. Good point Sean. I guess some are just more inclined towards violence and hence attract violent people as well – can’t really come up with any other explanation.

    Good job on pulling the data from the Offender Public Information registry.

  2. I’m waiting for the comment like Tornadoes and trailer parks, “Why these bullets just fall out of the sky and kill these unsuspecting blacks on their way to choir practice”…

  3. Tornadoes doesnt hate trailer parks it hates thing is to have a plan of what do do if one is in it..