H937 Restaurant Carry +P+ passes NC House and Senate

House Bill 937 has passed both the House and Senate.

The state House and Senate have approved a sweeping package of gun laws that tighten penalties for those who violate firearm laws and expand where those with concealed handgun permits can carry their weapons.

The bill now goes to Gov. Pat McCrory for his signature or veto.

And if McCrory wants to be Governor a second term, and/or has higher aspirations, he’ll sign this bill quickly and trumpet how pro-gun he is.

As soon as the bill is posted to the H937 page, I’ll do my write up on all sections of the bill. The current posting is “Edition 4” which is what passed the Senate and was rejected by the House. For those who want to read the bill now, it’s available as a PDF. In order for me to do the write up, I need it in HTML format.

2 responses to “H937 Restaurant Carry +P+ passes NC House and Senate

  1. Damn, they stripped out the permit killing part. I was really hoping that would go through. Oh well, we’ll come back for that next time.

  2. Read the changes to the PPP. No longer will Sheriffs be able to arbitrarily deny you a permit or limit you to the number you can request. Permit cost remains at $5.00 each. Now Sheriffs must work to manage the permits they issue (5 year lifetimes) and keep a public record of all permit denial reasons. Perhaps not the outcome the NCSA wanted to see when they demanded the PPP remain in their hands. This must be monitored, of course, and continued abuses by local sheriffs called out. It’s not the end of the matter, but a resolution that enables the best good gun legislation NC has seen for a long, long time to go forward.