House Bill 937, Restaurant Carry +P+ signed into law!

Governor McCrory signed House Bill 937 into law today.

The gun rights law, HB 937, expands the places where those with legal permits can carry a concealed firearm to include bars and restaurants that serve alcohol – although they are not supposed to consume alcohol. It also allows permit holders to keep firearms locked in their car when parked on college or public school campuses.

The measure seals gun purchase and permit records, so that lists compiled by law by weapons dealers and county sheriffs – which include names, addresses and other identifying information – are no longer public record.

The law also strengthens penalties for those who violate firearms laws and will increase the amount of information, such as mental health problems, in the state’s background check system.

For a comprehensive look at all of H937, check out my blog post on it. It includes Restaurant Carry, plus carry into “assemblies that charge admission,” plus much much more.

There is one problem, however. The problem is that some of our elected representatives are complete morons. Check out the Official Statement that McCrory put out.

“This legislation prohibits guns in classrooms, dorms, and administrative buildings on college campuses. Additionally, this legislation gives bar owners the authority to prohibit guns in their establishments. Following my threat of a veto, we worked closely with law enforcement officials across the state so that changes were made to the original legislation. This ensured that permitting is still required for a concealed carry permit and is implemented at the local level.” – Governor Pat McCrory


“Like many North Carolinians, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. As a 34-year veteran of law enforcement here in North Carolina, I believe it’s important that Sherriff’s offices continue to administer the certification process for concealed carry permits. I would like to thank Governor Pat McCrory for his efforts on behalf of public safety in ensuring this common sense provision remained in HB 937.” – Guilford County Sherriff BJ Barnes

Pardon me, but CHP’s were not in the legislation! It was Pistol PURCHASE Permits.

Someone needs to smack McCrory across the nose with a newspaper like you would do to a puppy that had piddled on your carpet. And we need to get a new sheriff in Guilford County.  He’s just too stupid to hold that office.

5 responses to “House Bill 937, Restaurant Carry +P+ signed into law!

  1. I still have not seen anything that indicates these new provisions apply to open carry. All references to carrying are worded as ‘concealed carry’, or ‘carrying concealed’.
    Are we supposed to assume that if we can legally carry concealed somewhere then open carry is legal as well?
    Or do we assume that previous laws criminalizing open carry in a bar are still in effect because open carry is not mentioned in the new law?
    Or do I just hang a frikkin napkin over my weapon to make it concealed?

    I’m disappointed that everyone is concerned only with concealed carry.

  2. The new provisions do -not- apply to open carry. G.S. 14-269.3 still says that any gun, rifle, or pistol is banned from places where alcohol is sold and consumed or charge admission; they just added a portion (G.S. 14-269.3(b)(5)) stating that the law does not apply to a person carrying a handgun with a valid concealed handgun permit. Though it does still offer owners the right to prohibit through conspicuous posting, the carry of handguns on the premises.

  3. So will the below link now have to be taken offline? And if so who do we push towards getting this taken care of.

  4. That’s right for cc holders only

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