I get to shoot a Tommy Gun

The Thompson Submachine Gun is probably on every gun owner’s “Lottery List,” and for good reason.


 It’s a blast to shoot.

Big thanks to Guy Smalley for letting me shoot his Tommy Gun and to John P. Richardson for working the camera.

6 responses to “I get to shoot a Tommy Gun

  1. Cool. Really really cool!

  2. I had the opportunity once. It is a blast.

  3. More fun than shooting a Ma Deuce? I’d have to try out the Thompson to be sure… 🙂

  4. robertsgunshop

    I’m jealous. We can’t own such things in the not so free state of Iowa.

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  6. I had a chance to fire a M-1 Thompson (military type forend & stick mag) at a gunstore in Las Vegas. Very interesting and fairly controllable. Though not as controllable as demonstrated in the video. Perhaps the forward pistol grip and heavy drum make a difference.