The best pro-gun quote ever

Says the anti-gun dork on “Assault Weapons Discussion” Facebook Page

If you need an AR-15 to hunt, you suck at hunting.

Says Fred Routt, in response

If you need an unarmed citizen to govern then you suck at governing.


Everyone needs to remember this and use it on every anti-gunner who tries to play the “you don’t need that” card.

Maybe Fred Routt will make a shirt…

6 responses to “The best pro-gun quote ever

  1. Never mind that AR-15s aren’t about hunting, it’s a good snappy answer. Though an AR probably would do a number on a coyote.

  2. Damn straight.

    Also, people use ARs for hunting all the time. ARs aren’t just chambered in 5.56, but they come in a variety of calibers that can be used to hunt anything from squirrels to bears and more.

    But, in a twist on what Gwen said, the 2nd Amendment was never about hunting.

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  4. The anti-gunners are getting destroyed in the comment section on their ignorance of history, weapons and crime rates. Its epic

  5. If you need an AR15 to duck-hunt you might suck at duck hunting – you should have chosen a Saiga!

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