Police think it was “Accidentally on Purpose”

When I was a kid we’d often tell our teachers that something was “an accident” when it really wasn’t. The funniest response was one teacher who said that we had done it “accidentally on purpose.” It seems that the police think that this incident fits my old teacher’s phrase.

Troopers had been called to the scene on N.C. 88 at about 1 a.m. for what was reported as an accident. When they arrived, they learned the pair had been in an argument and saw damage where (Suspect) is accused of running a car into his girlfriend’s apartment.

The cops think that he ran her over, got the car stuck in the mud, and then took off running. No one can say that he didn’t have a track record.


Drugs, alcohol, stealing, it’s all there. It’s only a short step from that to violent behavior. Ladies, if that guy sniffing around your skirt has a past like this, make sure you’re not in his future.

This is further proof that you don’t need a gun to murder. You just need an evil heart.

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