Aww, he was “depressed”

How sad for him. He was depressed.

(Suspect), 49, whose most recent address was listed as 477 Sunset St., went to a Walmart to purchase a knife, then to the home of (Victim), 40, of 2854 Rock Ford Road in Newton about 4:30 a.m. He then broke out a window and climbed in the house, according to Sheriff Coy Reid of the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office. (Suspect), is accused of stabbing (Victim), then forcing her outside and into the passenger side of her vehicle, which (Suspect), then drove south down U.S. 321.

As the vehicle crossed into Gaston County, (Victim) jumped out. (Suspect), pulled over, ran back to (Victim) and stabbed her several more times, the press release said. (Victim) fought back and got away, but as she fled, she was struck by a tractor-trailer and killed.

But his friend said he was “depressed.”


What was he doing outside of prison in the first place?

3 responses to “Aww, he was “depressed”

  1. Liberal judges, THAT is why he’s out…

  2. This is horseshit. I’m obsessive/compulsive and bipolar, in my 40 years I’ve never knifed anyone, never shot anyone, never robbed anyone, but I’m supposed to feel sorry for this sack of shit because he stabbed someone because he was depressed??? I’ve got the scars from my depression, and I know how it works. It’s turned inwards, not the other way around. This defense technique ain’t gonna fly.

  3. He should be “depressed” into a six foot deep hole.