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Police think it was “Accidentally on Purpose”

When I was a kid we’d often tell our teachers that something was “an accident” when it really wasn’t. The funniest response was one teacher who said that we had done it “accidentally on purpose.” It seems that the police think that this incident fits my old teacher’s phrase.

Troopers had been called to the scene on N.C. 88 at about 1 a.m. for what was reported as an accident. When they arrived, they learned the pair had been in an argument and saw damage where (Suspect) is accused of running a car into his girlfriend’s apartment.

The cops think that he ran her over, got the car stuck in the mud, and then took off running. No one can say that he didn’t have a track record.


Drugs, alcohol, stealing, it’s all there. It’s only a short step from that to violent behavior. Ladies, if that guy sniffing around your skirt has a past like this, make sure you’re not in his future.

This is further proof that you don’t need a gun to murder. You just need an evil heart.

Wouldn’t you want a neighbor like this?

But he looks like such a nice boy!

Police say a 20-year-old Mount Holly man had sex with a 13-year-old girl and encouraged a 12-year-old boy to steal a lawnmower.

I’ll bet that the neighbors are “stunned” that he would do such a thing.


Maybe that’s because he wasn’t thrown in jail for his last few crimes.

The best pro-gun quote ever

Says the anti-gun dork on “Assault Weapons Discussion” Facebook Page

If you need an AR-15 to hunt, you suck at hunting.

Says Fred Routt, in response

If you need an unarmed citizen to govern then you suck at governing.


Everyone needs to remember this and use it on every anti-gunner who tries to play the “you don’t need that” card.

Maybe Fred Routt will make a shirt…

Why did you leave this guy in charge of your baby?

I am pretty strict about who I permit to watch my dog. I can only assume that people should exercise the same level of care when selecting someone to watch their child.

According to the report, (Suspect) was babysitting the child for its mother for a few days. When the mother arrived the home she found the baby in a soiled diaper and unresponsive. (Suspect) was not home at the time and the baby was alone in the home.

You have to wonder what possessed this woman to leave her child in the care of this man.


Not a good risk, if you ask me.

Get away, stay away

People don’t change. If they like to beat you up, they won’t suddenly become Prince Charming.

A woman charged with murder in the stabbing death of a man at a Hillsborough Street apartment Wednesday night had filed a domestic violence protective order against him in July 2012.

She received a 50B protection from abuse order for some very good reasons.

“(Victim) was blowing leaves, he blew leaves on me,” the complaint, filed July 17, 2012, states. “He called me whore, bitch, crackhead whore. He was spitting in my face.”The complaint goes on to say that (Victim) fractured (Suspect)’s shoulder in the past.

But he sang the “I Can Change” song and she took him back.

(Victim) was ordered not to contact (Suspect) until July 2013, but in October, (Suspect) filed a motion to set aside the court order.“I feel good about the change that (Victim) has done with his life,” she wrote in the motion. “He’s a better man now. He has shown me a lot of goodness in his heart.”

Evidently it wasn’t a lasting change because she felt she needed to stab him.


He had a track record. He wasn’t ever going to change. Now the woman he beat is facing a murder charge. Did she need to stab him? I have no idea. But judging by his conviction record, he’s been begging someone to stab him for a long time.

Involuntary Manslaughter for unintentional shooting

The gun grabbers will point to this and tell us how guns are bad and they “cause” things like this.

(Suspect), 20, was charged Tuesday night with involuntary manslaughter after police found a man shot to death at his home at 2110 Groundwater Place.

Involuntary Manslaughter means

an unintentional killing that results from recklessness or criminal negligence, or from an unlawful act that is a misdemeanor or low-level felony (such as DUI). The usual distinction from voluntary manslaughter is that involuntary manslaughter (sometimes called “criminally negligent homicide”) is a crime in which the victim’s death is unintended.

This means that the cops think it was unintentional. Perhaps someone messing about with his gun?


So a criminal with a gun shoots his friend unintentionally, and we’re the bad guys?

Cooper’s “Four Rules” aren’t law, but violating them can be fatal.

Good thing that those do-gooders got him out!

Poor guy. He was languishing in prison after being handed a life sentence for murder and robbery. Luckily for him, some do-gooders got him a new trial and a sentence of only 20 years, freeing him on time served. So how does he repay society?

(Suspect), who served two decades in prison for murder, is in jail facing charges to plot the murder of a Warren County Sheriff’s Office deputy.



He’s only 39, so he’ll almost certainly live to see his release from prison. I don’t believe that this particular leopard is any more likely to change his spots than any other leopard.

Why this man?

Why do things like this happen?

Authorities are investigating a fatal shooting in the parking lot of a Fayetteville hotel.

That poor man!


I wonder why he got shot?

They could also probably have tracked him by the stench of criminality

Don’t steal iPhones. Or any smartphone. They have GPS devices in them.

City police charged a man with breaking into a Clark Avenue apartment last week after they tracked a stolen iPhone to a car he was driving in Dunn and found a stolen computer in the trunk, Detective S.K. Meyers said in a search warrant for the man’s locker at a homeless shelter.

Homeless shelter? Why would he be homeless?


Because it’s basically against the law for him to live next to ordinary people. He’s a registered sex offender, habitual felon, who just got out of prison in June.

Here’s a thought. If it’s against the law for him to live anywhere, maybe he should just be in prison.

Two brothers, both alike in dignity, in fair Raleigh where we lay our scene

I don’t know how ancient the grudge could be with a 22 and 23 year olds, but the “civil” hands are certainly not clean.

Two brothers stabbed each other during a fight and hurt an uncle who tried to break it up, and both face charges, police said Monday.

I can’t find the Uncle. His name is too common and they didn’t give me an age to narrow it down with. But I certainly found the two brothers.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Yep, real dignified, they are.