The story of the Luigi’s massacre

A while back I did an interview on Triangle Tactical with Luke Apps where I told the story of a close friend who survived the Luigi’s Massacre here in North Carolina. Luke was kind enough to clip out just that section of the hour long podcast and send it to me.

Download Here – Approx 10 minutes

Now that we’re only two weeks from the start of Restaurant Carry here in North Carolina, I thought it would be a good time to post it.

When people tell you “If it was one of YOUR friends that got shot, you’d change your mind,” send them here. It was one of my friends.

3 responses to “The story of the Luigi’s massacre

  1. I well remember this event. I still eat at that restaurant. In fact Luigi’s will be the place I go on October 1st.

  2. Mike: It makes me happy to know that you won’t be disarmed and helpless like my friends.

  3. Very powerful story and an important one to tell.