The article that isn’t aimed at us

You’ve read it. Or at least heard about it. Another idiotic foreigner demanding that we “do something” about “gun violence.” It’s so bad, he says, that maybe the UN should intervene.

The annual toll from firearms in the US is running at 32,000 deaths and climbing, even though the general crime rate is on a downward path (it is 40% lower than in 1980). If this perennial slaughter doesn’t qualify for intercession by the UN and all relevant NGOs, it is hard to know what does.

Everyone from David Codrea on down has loudly and sometimes profanely quoted Leonidas at him, but I think they are all missing the point. This article wasn’t aimed at us, it was aimed at the British people and the rest of the British Commonwealth.

Why do the Canadians tell themselves lies about how Americans die outside emergency rooms because they don’t have health insurance? Because no one would put up with Canadian “free” healthcare, complete with extended wait times, unless they thought the alternative was worse.

Same thing with gun rights. In our globally connected world, arguments don’t stop at political boundaries. The gun rights crowd has loudly proclaimed our right to be armed and resist government interference in our lives. Do you think that the British public hasn’t heard us saying this? Do you think the Australians have missed it as well? Do you think the Indians lack the internet connections to read our own words telling them of the Rights of Englishmen that their former colonial overlords forgot to tell them about?

The author isn’t stupid enough to imagine that anyone would even consider invading the US. After we shot holes in every blue helmet we saw, they know we’d go overseas and shoot him too. No, what he is really doing is saying “See how bad it is in violent, evil America? Aren’t you glad you live in peaceful (Formerly Great) Britain? Don’t demand your ‘rights.’ Just enjoy the peace of being a ward of the State.”

The audience for his silly article is his own countrymen. The ones who might be tempted to question the government’s decision to disarm them. The ones who wonder what life would be like if they were citizens instead of subjects.

3 responses to “The article that isn’t aimed at us

  1. “The author isn’t stupid enough to imagine that anyone would even consider invading the US.”

    I think you might be assuming a bit too much.

  2. Oh, how I would LOVE to see them try. The UN troops wear such nice, easily-identifiable blue targets, I mean helmets…

  3. Thanks, Sean. I hadn’t thought about this angle. I simply took the British twit at his word. Hope some “hooligans” mug him on his way home from the office tonight.