Mom’s Demand “Action” freaks out over CHP holders in restaurants

So the embarrassingly named “Mom’s Demand Action” wants all moms, who they presume to be anti-gun, to cause trouble with restaurant staff because H937 will allow CHP holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Moms are used to asking about guns in the home when our kids go on play dates or when they visit new friends. Beginning Oct. 1, we’ll also need to ask every time we go out to eat.

North Carolina’s newest gun bill, passed during the most recent legislative session, vastly expands the places where concealed carry weapons permit holders may bring loaded concealed firearms. Among the newly permissible locations will be bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Nearly every restaurant I visit has at least a short wine and beer list. So, unless the owner opts out by posting a conspicuous sign prohibiting concealed weapons, I won’t know who—or what—I am sitting next to. Nor will the restaurant’s staff.

Oh, NOES! That ordinary person in the next booth, who isn’t bothering anyone, might be carrying a GUN!

Do people actually live like this? So terrified of an inanimate object that they pee their pants over the possibility that some law-abiding citizen might have permission from their local Sheriff to carry a gun?

I’m starting to think that the problem isn’t lack of education, it’s lack of medication. It’s not that they just don’t understand, it’s that they are just crazy.

10 responses to “Mom’s Demand “Action” freaks out over CHP holders in restaurants

  1. More of that “the streets will run red with the blood of innocents” BS. And if a single one of them were robbed they’d probably call the cops on anyone that used a gun to stop the robbery.

  2. “Do people actually live like this?” Yes, they do. These “moms” are people who need to think they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Are they or their children at any measurable amount of risk of “Negligence happens, fights break out, depression descends, and anyone can be in the line of fire”? No, not really. Most parents have (or should have) the ability to keep their families safe. Avoid stupid places where stupid people do stupid things. Do that and it is highly improbable that you would ever be shot at, much less injured and even less likely killed. But I think these “moms” see MDA as a way to potentially get some media face time (take a look at Shannon Watts resume in corporate communications) in a topic that lets them feel morally superior without taking any social risk.

  3. Tom beat me to it. “Do people actually live like this?” Yes, yes they do. If you can call that kind of constant debilitating anxiety “living.”

    Have you ever heard of Joan Peterson (aka “japete”)? Her site – which I won’t link, but can provide the URL if you like – is chock full of fear- and hysteria-driven hogwash that would be satirically hilarious … if she weren’t 100% serious (I almost wrote “dead serious” there, but she might report that as a threat).

  4. Archer, I think the anxiety is an act. I look at it this way: if a rational person truly believes that he/she is in immediate danger of being shot, that person would flee and/or hunker down in an iron bathtub. Joan and her competitors at MDA (note that a link to MDA is not her “sites of interest”) would not be able to write blogs or raise funds if it they were really afraid of violence — gun or otherwise. They’re not. They feign fear to try to gin up interest in their cause and take an emotional position that they won’t get much flack for in their social sphere. Look at Shannon Watts’ piece in HuffPo today. “As the founder of a growing grassroots movement…” Think of the great “movement” leaders of the past century — people like MLK, Ghandi. Did they ever refer to themselves as “founders”? Watts’ self-importance makes me want to wretch. “…the 100,000 moms I work with across the country every day…” Who is she trying to impress? Her words sound like those of the hollow corporate communications director she was.

  5. I was recently in a so-called ‘family’ restaurant and was terrified to learn that there were sharp, pointy, cutty KNIVES on every table – totally out in the open and not locked up! Any child walking in had unmediated access to a weapon of war high cutting capacity death slashing murder knife! I fainted after I hyperventilated and pee’d myself.

  6. Mike: Now that’s just silly. Everyone knows that you pee yourself AFTER passing out, not before!

  7. Sean, some of them are crazy, but most of them are just image idiots. It’s a fact that people have let themselves be conditioned to value image over substance over the last 40 years or so, by politicians, or movies, or whatever. Add to that the ten minute mindset, where people can’t think past that timeframe, then ego and self centeredness get mixed in, it’s a wonder we’re not farther down the rabbit hole than we are.

  8. “Have you ever heard of Joan Peterson (aka “japete”)?”

    Asking that question ’round here is akin to asking “Are you a carbon based life form?”

  9. Joan Peterson is why I started blogging. She has her own category. I stopped reading her to protect my sanity. No one should be subjected to that level of concentrated insane.

  10. I keep reading her so you don’t have too ;). Not to worry, she has one screed “the EEEEEVIL NRA”. Some things never change.