From disciplinary segregation to kidnapper in less than a month

He kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and his own child.

On Tuesday, police responded to 1012 Cherry Tree Ct., Bessmer City in reference to a missing person. Evidence found at the scene suggested the female victim and her 3-year-old child may have been assaulted and possibly taken against their will.

They tracked them down at her ex-boyfriend’s house.


He was convicted of 5 felony drug charges and received “Special Probation” and a suspended sentence. He got his probation revoked and sent to Odom Prison for 3 months. Apparently he pissed off the prison officials so badly that in three months they had him in Disciplinary Segregation by the time he left. Then, less than a month later he’s assaulting and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and his baby.

He probably figures that he’s never been punished for anything before, why would he get punished now? And he’s probably right.

One response to “From disciplinary segregation to kidnapper in less than a month

  1. You cannot be charged with kidnapping your own child unless there is a court order specifically awarding someone else as legal guardian, Looks like the cops in their enthusiasm want to overcharge.