Authorized Journalists call him a “young man”

Isn’t that nice. Even as they inform us he had a criminal record as long as his arm, they refer to him as a “young man.” Not a criminal, not a thug, not even as a White Hispanic.

“He’s been to prison five separate times since 2009,” state corrections spokesman Keith Acree said. “He had numerous infractions while in prison, mostly for assaulting staff.”

But he’s still a “young man” to the headline writers.

(Suspect)’s troubled life ended Monday night, when NCCU police officers shot and killed him after they say he fired two shotgun blasts at them as they approached. Police were looking for him in connection with a burglary and armed robbery that had occurred earlier in the evening. Durham officials reported to NCCU police that a man matching his description was one of two suspects who had broken into a home near downtown.

Oh, his life was “troubled?” How about the lives of all the people he terrorized?


Sounds to me like he fell squarely into the “better off dead” category.

2 responses to “Authorized Journalists call him a “young man”

  1. Sean
    You are linking your blogs to vidio and audio of news stories. I for one find some idiot blarringly shouting out when I am reading irritating, can you please set it so it will only play if and when the readers ae so handicapped they need to hear it as well as read it. It is especially annoying when your reading it quietly in the night to hear some ass yelling. Your posts also now bring up a message, “Do you want to open or save analytics.js from” what is that?

  2. I’ve put the video below the fold on that post. That keeps it off the main page and it will not play unless you go to that post.

    As for the popup, I’ve asked my computer host to look into it.