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Home invader arrested

A woman in Lincolnton woke up to a terrifying sight

The woman told police he came into her bedroom and sat on the bed next to the victim. He told her he was there to clear up a debt with the homeowner’s daughter, police say. The woman told police she believed the man was her neighbor, who had been to her house multiple times, based on his size and sound of his voice.

Wallace allegedly displayed a gun and demanded money when the woman got up from the bed. When the woman screamed, the suspect pushed her to the floor and fled.

And what sort of person does “debt collection” at 1:20AM?


This is something straight out of a nightmare.

Murder suspect caught in Salisbury

Police have captured one of two suspects in a Salisbury murder.

Police have arrested one of two suspects connected to a fatal shooting in Salisbury on Monday afternoon.

And who do they have?


Why was he roaming the streets?

Copper thief caught

It takes a special kind of jerk to steal from a church.

Investigators said 34-year-old (Suspect) was stealing copper down spouts from several churches since early August.

And what sort of person did they catch?


I work for an insurance company. One other insurance company (not the one I work for) puts out this useful video for churches trying to prevent copper theft.


It’s a sad state of affairs when churches have to take security so seriously.

The story of the Luigi’s massacre

A while back I did an interview on Triangle Tactical with Luke Apps where I told the story of a close friend who survived the Luigi’s Massacre here in North Carolina. Luke was kind enough to clip out just that section of the hour long podcast and send it to me.

Download Here – Approx 10 minutes

Now that we’re only two weeks from the start of Restaurant Carry here in North Carolina, I thought it would be a good time to post it.

When people tell you “If it was one of YOUR friends that got shot, you’d change your mind,” send them here. It was one of my friends.

Drive by at an “Anti-Violence” vigil

Holding a vigil to stop violence is about as useful as eating hotdogs to cure cancer. It’s something people might do, but not something rationally related to accomplishing the goal.

Four people, including an 11-year-old, were shot at the end of an anti-violence event late Thursday in north Charlotte.

So who would ride past the “anti-violence” vigil and shoot up the crowd?


Someone who likes violence, of course.

Burning down the house (with her children still inside)

This is a pretty depraved act.

Wake County sheriff’s deputies Thursday charged a woman with setting a fire at a two-family house on Old Stage Road while her four children were in one side and at three adults were in the other portion in July.

And it looks like she’s got some experience with fire.


She’s graduated from Accessory After the Fact to Principal. And hopefully, from probation to prison.

There are times where running is the best option

This is not one of those times.

Two people are facing charges after police say they were seen standing over a man’s body in a basement garage in Shelby.

When police arrived, Shelby Police Captain Rick Stafford said they observed the body in the garage area with a man and woman standing over it. The two people ran away but were taken into custody moments later.

They lived at the house, so they were running away from their own house after being seen standing over a dead body in their house.

Suspect 1


Police tend to find it suspicious when you run away.

Everybody wants him

He likes to spread out his criminal acts.

Authorities announced Wednesday that a 36-year-old man wanted by police in connection to an armed robbery, kidnapping, and fatal shooting in Fayetteville Sunday is also wanted by police in Raleigh for more armed robbery charges.

He’s one of three people the police charge with the kidnapping/murder. They carjacked a guy, forced him to drive, and then when he ran for safety, they shot him dead.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

Why were any of them free to walk our streets?

Is there more to this story?

I’d heard that someone stole a shotgun and an M-16 from the trunk of an FBI agent in Charlotte. They were recovered after officers found it while searching an apartment in the Charlotte neighborhood of Steele Creek.

Stolen firearms, including one belonging to a local FBI agent, were recovered while searching a Steele Creek apartment, police say.

Police were actually following up on a complaint by neighbors, and when they smelled marijuana, they got a search warrant.

Suspect 3

I can’t find Suspect 1 or 2 in the NC DOC database, but have a look at their names. Is there more going on here?

Here’s the CMPD arrest info.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3 (9-4-13)

Suspect 3 (9-6-13) it appears he was charged 2 days later for possession of the FBI’s M-16.

We can only assume that the FBI is doing whatever they can to determine if Suspects 1 and 2 were ordinary criminals or if they were up to something else.

Charlotte is not a safe place

What does this say about the safety of Charlotte?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating the fifth homicide in the city since Thursday.

Police say a man was shot to death at nightclub around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Five homicides between Thursday and Tuesday. What are they trying to do, rival Chicago?


Strange how those bullets seem to find the felons in the crowd.