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Shooting each other

Not sure why they say “two men” when one was sixteen, but…

Authorities say two men are dead after they shot one another during an argument in Columbus County.

So, who shoots his 16 year old stepson?


You mean it wasn’t a regular law-abiding citizen who just “snapped?”

Why was he free?

Predators don’t suddenly decide to become nice people. Here’s a case in point.

Police have charged a 48-year-old man with sexually abusing a child over a period of months.

Take a look at what he’s done before.


Kidnapping? And he served so little time in prison?

A completely baffling crime

Why would anyone do this?

A Raleigh man is accused of exposing his penis to a toddler for sexual gratification.

It’s wrong, but I can see what would be funny about flashing adults. What could anyone possibly get out of waving Tinky Winky at a toddler?


I think that this guy is so badly wired that we should send him back to the factory and demand a refund.

Drugs and a gun

I usually don’t comment on drug arrests. I’m think that we should just legalize drugs and let people kill themselves in peace. This guy, however, was arrested with a stolen gun.

A Zebulon man was arrested Tuesday on charges that he had 285 grams of marijuana and a stolen pistol in his possession

I’m not sure how much pot that is, but I do know how the gun charge is going to affect him.


They are going to have to add “Felon in Possession” to the list of charges. Then they’ll give him a slap on the wrist and another second chance.

There’s a special place in Hell

If you look just a bit to the right and behind the child molesters and people who talk in the theatre, you’ll find people like this.

A son is charged with killing his bedridden mother.

According to investigators, the suspect set a fire in the bedroom at their home on McFarland Drive in Gastonia and then left.

Let that sink in for a second. He burned down a house with his bedridden mother, with “mental deterioration,” inside. He was so selfish that he thought barbecuing his mom was a good idea.

Suspect (keep scrolling!)

He’s another person that I’m mystified as to why they let him out of jail.

Armed robbery suspect tries to drive over police officer

Both the cop and the suspect seem to have gotten pretty lucky here.

On Oct. 18, when Raleigh police officer R.M. Carroll tried to serve (Suspect) with warrants for arrest, (Suspect) tried to hit Carroll with a motor vehicle, police said.

 (Suspect)is also charged with possession of a stolen firearm and trying to remove its serial number.

Surprisingly he didn’t end up shot dead.


He wouldn’t have been any big loss.

Kidnapping in Willow Springs

What a nice fellow!

Deputies arrested (Suspect), 21, of 161 Darphrid Drive, Willow Spring, on state charges of first-degree kidnapping and first-degree burglary. According to county records, (Suspect) is accused of breaking into a home on Kinton Drive in Willow Springs at 3:30 a.m. Sunday to kidnap a woman.

And who does something like that?


Maybe if they hadn’t been so lenient on him before.

Burning down the trailer

Someone in Gastonia decided to get his arson on.

A Gastonia man faces charges he set fire to an abandoned mobile home, according to arrest warrants.

Did he suddenly snap and commit some inexplicable crime, totally out of character for him?


Or did he just continue a long life of crime?

Doesn’t he know that’s not allowed?

There’s a law against this, I’m sure of it.

Police have arrested a Raleigh man on charges of possession of a stolen firearm by a felon.

Yep, he’s a felon


Doesn’t he know that he’s not allowed to break the law?

My dog wants to be a “Castle Caretaker” in Slovenia

 I’m not sure who “Pet’s Dialog” is, but I know Slovenia. It’s an awesome country. My wife and I spent 2 weeks touring last year, almost all of it in Slovenia. Someone thought it would be fun to run a contest. Winner gets to be a “Castle Caretaker” in Slovenia, complete with a salary. My dog signed us up. Seems she’s tired of hearing the stories about how much fun we had and wants to see for herself. Vote for us?



 As I pointed out on Facebook, if you like me, by voting for me you’d be doing something nice. If you don’t like me, voting would mean I live further away. It’s a win either way.