Robbery suspects captured

Making cash deposits to a bank is a risky endeavor. If your bag looks too much like a deposit bag, someone might try to rob you.

The robberies fit similar patterns. Employees depositing bags of cash at Charlotte-area banks were approached by a man. Sometimes the man was armed, one time he wasn’t. But the robber always demanded the bag full of money, then jumped in a car and sped off.

We had something similar happen when I worked at Disneyland. The solution is two-fold. One, be aware of your surroundings, and Two, camouflage your deposit bag. Put your deposit bag inside another, less conspicuous bag, like a backpack, or your properly carried purse.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

And you might also keep in mind that unless the bank posts against carrying a gun, it is no longer illegal to carry a gun in a bank in North Carolina.

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  1. Also, don’t establish a pattern yourself, vary your deposit times and route to the bank. Having another employee following in a separate vehicle, looking out for anything suspicious and standing by as the night drop is made can deter a robbery. The bad guys usually aren’t quick on their feet when it comes to changes, and anything unexpected can cause them to look for another victim.