Creepy video is creepy

Do parents have unapproved ideas? Do they believe politically incorrect things? Sick their kids on them!


Watch it. Don’t just skip the vid and read my commentary, watch it. You have to see how Americans who don’t buy into the Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud are being portrayed.

 Aside from the obvious creepy aspect to this, there’s two things I noticed.

  1. Not a single bit of evidence was shown to support the concept of man caused climate change. This was entirely “Argument from Authority.” He’s a Scientist™, you should believe him!
  2. They portray the “Climate Denier” as simply objecting to everything, not offering any evidence to contradict, evidence that is ample and easy to find. They portray him as an anti-science cult member too stupid to have any good reason to oppose their Science™ which they don’t bother to support with evidence.

This isn’t how science gets done. The people pushing “global warming,” now rebranded “global climate change,” have been caught lying and manipulating data. And not just innocent mistakes, but wholesale “hide the decline” scientific fraud.

But anyone who doubts that Gaia is being raped by the globalist capitalist industrial complex is some sort of stupid idiot who harasses children just doing science projects.

Watch the video. See how the Left views you. See how the Left views everyone.

3 responses to “Creepy video is creepy

  1. Link seems not linking. Here it is:

  2. You can tell how serious the problem is by the childish, snarky ways the activists use to push the agenda.

    Well, that and the fact that they can’t find any actual people suffering because of climate change. No starving kids, no dead bodies, no cities inundated by rising sea levels.