Drugs and a gun

I usually don’t comment on drug arrests. I’m think that we should just legalize drugs and let people kill themselves in peace. This guy, however, was arrested with a stolen gun.

A Zebulon man was arrested Tuesday on charges that he had 285 grams of marijuana and a stolen pistol in his possession

I’m not sure how much pot that is, but I do know how the gun charge is going to affect him.


They are going to have to add “Felon in Possession” to the list of charges. Then they’ll give him a slap on the wrist and another second chance.

3 responses to “Drugs and a gun

  1. I dare say that we should go beyond legalization and create “treatment centers”. Want drugs? Come on in. They’re free. Want out? You’ve got to be clean or dead. Get caught using drugs? In you go. You can get out if you’re clean for 30 days.

    This method breaks the cycle of crime & violence to get the money to buy drugs. It bankrupts the drug dealers and separates the drug users from the general public. Finally, anyone who thinks drugs are in anyway attractive can visit for an eye opening education.

  2. Probably… And we wonder WHY there is so much street crime…

  3. There are 28 grams to an ounce, so he had over 10 ounces.

    Stupid question – if a felon can’t be trusted with a gun why is he or she out of prison in the first place?