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Lead me not into temptation for my brother leads me there already

As an older brother, I was expected to model good behavior. I was not to give my brother the idea that breaking the law was a good idea. I must have done a good job, because my brother is all grown up and respectable. He would probably claim that I had nothing to do with it, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s a brother who isn’t doing as well as I did.

Concord police arrested two brothers accused of killing a teenager last Sunday.

The younger brother doesn’t appear to have any convictions.

Suspect 2

The older brother, on the other hand…

Instead of spreading love he spreads fake checks

Do people still use checks for ordinary purchases?

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested a Charlotte man who attempted to pass a fake check at a drug store then led deputies on a chase.

Maybe it was just a mistake


A mistake he’s made over and over again.

But it’s just property!

It’s just property, right? Only “stuff” and not worth a life. Tell that to this guy.

A teenager accused of shooting an off-duty Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer during a home invasion robbery on Sunday has been charged in several other robberies in North and South Carolina.

He broke in and then shot the police officer who lived there.


And if he broke into your home, he’d do the same to you.

Read the whole story to get an idea of what a wonderful person the suspect really is.

Shooting in Columbus County

Cops quickly rounded up their suspects.

Authorities in Columbus County have arrested three men in connection with the shooting death of a Tabor City man.

Was it a case of a Concealed Handgun Permit holder turning a small argument into murder?

Suspect 2

Or just another case of a criminal doing what a criminal does?

Stealing and ramming

When you have no care for people around you, stealing cars and smashing them together might sound like a good plan.

(Suspect) is accused of stealing a patrol car, wrecking it, then stealing a pickup truck and ramming it into a second police vehicle. The incidents happened Tuesday night, and (Suspect)escaped on foot after the second crash.

He was arrested Wednesday night after fleeing on foot from a traffic stop on Atkins Street, off Hendersonville Road, and then processed and charged early Thursday.

He’s in jail on a list of charges as long as my arm. Know what else is as long as my arm?


His prior criminal record.

Stealing, then hit and run

It sounds like a baseball game

Police arrested a Raleigh man Thursday who is suspected of stealing a vehicle and injuring three people in a hit-and-run crash last year.

He steals a car and then hurts people during a crash. Then he runs off. Who does this?


Oh. Yeah, someone like that.

I thought there might be prostitution going on around there

I’m not completely oblivious, but since I’ve never been around prostitution and drugs, I’m not really sure if that’s what I’m seeing as I drive by. I have seen some strange things around the area where this lady was arrested.

A 39-year-old mother was being held in the Wake County Detention Center on Thursday, waiting for a Nov. 5 court appearance on charges that she locked her daughter in their Garner Road apartment Tuesday evening and solicited a police officer for sex on a nearby street corner.

I drive past that area all the time on the way into Raleigh from my home. I’ve seen some strange looking women in that area and I’ve wondered if that’s what was going on.


Sounds like she’s a known criminal. Hopefully foster care will be better for the child than what her mother is putting her through.

Be careful who you chat with

You never really know who you’re dealing with online.

Sexual Assault Detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have arrested a man they say was involved with human trafficking and prostitution of minors.

Detectives say they determined that Drum met an under-age female through an online chat-room.  In late August of this year, he drove to South Carolina, picked her up, and brought her back to Charlotte.

Once in Charlotte, Drum then forced the girl into prostitution, police said.

And what sort of person was he before he turned human trafficker?


Not the sort of person who carefully considers the appropriate societal norms before he acts.

In the mail: Zombology, Zombies and the Decline of the West (and Guns) by Brian Anse Patrick

I recently received a reader copy of Brian Anse Patrick’s newest book Zombology: Zombies and the Decline of the West (and Guns), now available on Kindle.

From Amazon:

Dr. Patrick is one of the scholars who gets it about guns. He’s one of the few on our side to be able to wade through the leftist academy and get his PhD before they realized he wasn’t really one of them. It will be interesting to see what he says about the Zombie craze.

It’s just shoplifting!

But it’s just shoplifting, right? It’s not a big deal. It’s only property.

Police charged Monday that a Henderson man, working with at least two other people, stole $10,000 worth of laptop computers and cell phones from a Walmart store one day in July.

Criminals aren’t like you and me. They don’t really care about the norms of civilized behavior. They want something, they take it. It’s better than having a normal job.


In many ways, it is their regular day job.