I get hate mail (slight language warning)

A strange email today. I assume that the person who wrote this is using the offensive word in the British/Australian sense rather than the way Americans use it.

From: Republicunt [email protected]>
Subject: OMG

Message Body:
So glad that I don’t live in US. Shooting people is part of your culture i guess. Shame !!

The email address is, of course, made up. This person wouldn’t want to be answered back. So I will give my answer here.


I always liked Jose Ferrer’s performance.

2 responses to “I get hate mail (slight language warning)

  1. One of my favorite movies of all times.
    PS: I hate you too but in a nice way šŸ™‚

  2. Not anything good to say , don’t say it.

    I love guns and I’m from the UK