Good news/bad news

The good news is they caught him.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport police say they were chasing a Raleigh man with a bag stolen from a luggage carousel when he flipped across Glenwood Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

He was really trying to get away. So much so that he took some serious risks.

(Suspect)’s Ford passenger car was traveling at 75 mph when he attempted to exit Interstate 540 onto Glenwood Avenue, just outside the airport, according to Raleigh police.

(Suspect) lost control and slid off the exit ramp and across two lanes of Glenwood before hitting a concrete median and flipping into the avenue’s central pair of lanes, according to the accident report. Raleigh police say speed and reckless driving contributed to the crash.

“He definitely was airborne for a minute once he hit that rail,” said Daniel Goodwin, who was eastbound on Glenwood Avenue when the Ford somersaulted into the lanes about 75 feet ahead of him. “The concrete median wasn’t even fazed.”

The car was still moving at 65 mph when it hit the median, according to the report. Goodwin estimated that one end of the car somersaulted about 10 feet in the air before landing upside down.

“When it flipped over and landed, it almost pancaked the car,” said Goodwin, a 26-year-old mechanic. “I assumed when it first happened – ‘Oh my gosh, whoever’s in there’s dead.”

So, now for the bad news

In fact, (Suspect), who was wearing a seat belt, according to the accident report, was transported with apparent minor injuries to Duke Hospital in Durham.

And some more bad news


And the worse news. They will eventually let him out to commit more crimes.

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