A Sad Trombone for (Former) Mayor Jackie Holcombe

There’s something really great about hearing a political opponent cry when they lose an election.

In November, then-Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe lost her re-election bid, thanks largely, she believes, to spending by outside pro-gun rights groups against her (Holcombe was openly opposed to the law allowing guns on playgrounds). Holcombe says even though she believes that her stance on concealed weapons lost her the reelection, she would do it all over again, “Guns don’t belong around children. I wouldn’t visit a playground where concealed guns were legally allowed.”

Awww. Sad Trombone.

After listening to Jackie cry about how she lost her election because she couldn’t follow the law, much less respect our rights, there’s an interview with Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina.

Go listen to the 9 minute pair of interviews HERE.

One response to “A Sad Trombone for (Former) Mayor Jackie Holcombe

  1. Good news, she’s GONE!!!