A Mom comes to my blog and Demands

Let’s review the case of Susan K Browder’s daughter, Sara Browder Harris,

Davie County Sheriff Andy Stokes announced Thursday a Greensboro woman who was hospitalized earlier this week after being shot by her husband in Advance has died.

According to Stokes, Sara Browder Harris, 29, passed away Thursday morning at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.

Sara Harris was shot around 5:30 a.m. Sunday by her husband, 26-year-old (Murder’s name redacted. No fame for killers) of Jacksonville, outside his parents’ home at 628 Riverbend Drive in Advance.

(Murderer) was an active-duty Marine based at Camp Lejeune who had recently returned from Afghanistan.

“He was on leave and visiting with his wife at his parents’ house,” Stokes said.

Newspaper delivery workers called 911 around 6:30 a.m. after finding Sara Harris outside a neighbor’s home across the street. She had been shot in the neck and shoulder.

Deputies said (Murderer) took his own life after shooting his wife. His body was found in the driveway of his parents’ home.

A disgusting crime that would have been punished with life imprisonment had he not took the coward’s way out.

Yesterday I posted about (Ex) mayor Bloomberg’s idiotic cry for more infringements on that which shall not be infringed. He couldn’t even give us Christmas as a day of rest. This morning I received this comment from the murder victim’s mother.

Susan K Browder | December 26, 2013 at 10:36 AM |

My daughter was murdered by a man whose only prior convictions were misdemeanors, numbers 1 and 3, per Mr. Bloomberg’s criteria. I am sure that hers would not have been the only life saved if these criteria had been available as preventative tools. The right to life should preempt the right of a nut case to have easy access to a murder weapon. Why is that concept not easy to grasp?

I responded with

Susan: Your daughter was murdered by an active duty Marine, with access to weapons far beyond what he could have purchased at the store.


I reiterate what I said. If his crimes were serious enough that they warranted the loss of his civil rights, he should have been charged with and convicted of a felony. Until that time, he was a free man living in a free country.

Your pain and loss does not give you the power to take our rights away. None of us was involved in murdering your daughter, so please do us the courtesy of leaving us alone.

Why do people believe that their pain and loss means I should lose my rights? Why do they believe that they have some sort of supreme moral authority to order us to abandon our rights?

Most of all, why do they believe that when they invoke their “authority” as associated victims of violent crime that we will meekly stand and refuse to tell them that they overstep the bounds of decency? They will, of course, scream that I am a terrible person for not immediately bowing to the demands of a woman whose daughter was murdered.

Comments are open on the other post if you have your own questions to ask Ms. Browder. Unlike the anti-gunners, I won’t censor their answers.


13 responses to “A Mom comes to my blog and Demands

  1. “He couldn’t even give us Christmas as a day of rest. This morning I received this comment from the murder victim’s mother.” A mother posts a comment because she has lost a daughter to gun violence and you blame her post on Bloomberg. Golly you totally lack empathy. I wonder what it would be like if you were a father who lost a child and how you might feel on Christmas about the murder of that child. Her pain has nothing to do with your rights unless you think you have the right to take your gun shoot your wife and then shoot yourself. Dude you are cruel!

  2. What’s “cruel” about telling a woman that her tragedy doesn’t give her the right to attack me? What’s “cruel” about telling her that I wasn’t involved, so leave me out of it?

    The mistake people like you make is that you imagine that your tragedy gives you supreme moral authority. It doesn’t. It’s sad. It’s tragic. But it doesn’t mean you have the power to order me around.

  3. G Wyant:

    I see in no way that Sean lacked empathy. We all feel sorry she lost her daughter. We all cringe and hurt because another life is lost.

    Her pain has everything to do with our rights when she uses it to restrict our rights. She isn’t trying to restrict our “rights” to murder our loved ones. She is trying to restrict our rights to protect our loved ones.

  4. You’re a cruel SOB for attacking a woman who lost a child. Make you feel like a big man in your Renaissance tights when you attack women, Sean?

  5. Get it correct. I’m a “cruel SOB” for refusing to kow tow to a woman simply because she waived her daughter’s bloody shirt in my comments section. I’m a “cruel SOB” for defending my rights instead of blindly doing whatever some bereaved mother wants me to do.

    I can live with that.

  6. This bereaved mother came on Sean’s website to confront him. He has a right to self-defense and he did so in a civil and restrained manner. I got no problem with that.

  7. G Wyant,

    Her pain has nothing to do with your rights unless you think you have the right to take your gun shoot your wife and then shoot yourself.

    You are exactly right and the converse is also true — our rights aren’t subject to her pain. Just because someone else murdered someone doesn’t mean I have to be restricted in my ownership of an object.

    In my home town, in the past several days a woman walked in front of a train and was killed — should we greatly restrict trains?

    A driver fell asleep and drove off the road, injuring himself and damaging his car — how does that affect my right to drive?

    And I why blame Sean only — the mother who lost a child didn’t have to read, didn’t have to comment, — could have avoided everything but simply not being here to comment.
    Isn’t she using her loss to try to manipulate people?

  8. When you use your loss to try to effect political change, you lose the mantle of the victim. Sorry. You are using your grief as a weapon. That’s the price you pay. And when you use your loss to try to take my rights away, you have made an enemy.

  9. George’s comment is spot-on.

    Take Sarah Brady for example. What was a tragedy that put her husband in a wheel chair, she has turned into an industry which has paid her very handsomely over the years.

    Likewise for Carolyn McCarthy. She took the death of her husband by a madman and turned it into a very lucrative political career.

    While both play the victim card, they gave up the rights to use it long ago.

  10. John Richardson,
    You can add Giffords and Kelly to your list that are living of a shooting and doing so in style.

  11. @Texas TopCat: You are absolutely correct to add Mr & Mrs Gabby Giffords to the list.

  12. Bloomberg and the gun grabbers are just extending the liberal philosophy – Not responsible for their own actions

    While this is a terrible tragedy, who chose to marry this man ? Who did not stand up and say he was no good ? Sounds like no one did. So blame the gun and make it the bad guy. That way it all the focus is on the gun and it takes responsibility away from this family’s actions and decisions.

    In the end there is real guilt this family holds that led up to the point of the tragedy. That guilt is based on the decisions they made before the tragedy.
    Now they see the error and don’t want to self-reflect, but use that anger to lash out. The media and bloomberg are there to convince them that the gun is the problem and their actions had nothing to do with it.

    In the end, this liberal philosophy just produces more victims. It encourages people to not look at their situation honestly and always look to blame others. Sadly, when talking about ones own self-defense, this can be a life threatening position.

  13. She should not have come looking for a fight if she didn’t have the intestinal fortitude for the fight. I personally am getting tired of people’s making a bad lifestyle choice, or people blaming me or those like me because I/we own guns or have some other legal common interest for every bloody bad thing from the Death of JFK to 9/11 .It gets old and my patience wears thin not only with people who want to use the tragic circumstances of life in their life to take from me be it money at the point of the taxman’s bayonet or rights because a bunch of soft hearted and headed morons feel like doing something for the___________ cause! I have seen a lot in my 23 years as a cop, I was targeted even before that as a teenager because of my father’s actions as a cop. I have no use for folks who want to take my rights away because it gives them a warm and fuzzy and some sense of doing something to right some personal or societal injustice.