I’m one of the #GunBullies. Why aren’t you?

Want to join the #GunBullies list? Tweet this by clicking and you’re a shoe in!

Why won’t @Guitars4Guns add me and @Instapundit to the #GunBullies list?

UPDATE 3: Answer to Glenn Reynolds. Only if the rest of us get to hold him while you do.

Via Miguel at GunFreeZone.net:

Did you know that fiercely defending your rights to keep and bear arms made you a bully? Did you know that your proper place was to shut your piehole and accept whatever new infringements came your way?

Gun hater @Guitars4Guns tries to couch it in terms of us “doing more damage to the pro-gun side,” but the reality is that he just doesn’t want to hear what we are saying. Most importantly, he doesn’t want anyone else to hear what we are saying.

UPDATE: He’s “password protected” his list! Now we’re all on Double Secret Probation!
UPDATE 2: Now he’s stripped the list down to only two people. Because? Well, who knows. I don’t think he’s exactly sane.


Behold, the list!

  1. @11b2p
  2. @2ANow
  3. @51Hitman51
  4. @AE68W
  5. @AmmoLand
  6. @anothergunblog
  7. @AnonyPunkZ
  8. @ANYAGV2
  9. @BadBlueGuns
  10. @BigFatDave
  11. @bitterclingerpa
  12. @bob_owens
  13. @CalmGunowner
  14. @cjgrisham
  15. @cemeterygunblob
  16. @Cmf68Kevin
  17. @chronovarience
  18. @DanielESmall
  19. @DixieSportsman
  20. @dmbatten
  21. @Dr_2A
  22. @dthurston
  23. @DVCMAC
  24. @FirearmsPDX
  25. @GlomarResponder
  26. @GunFreeZone
  27. @GunsnCoasters
  28. @gunsafetyblog
  29. @GunSenseUSA
  30. @GunzAreBad
  31. @hazmatpat
  32. @HomeGunTraining
  33. @HowardW56
  34. @HASOGCA
  35. @InfidelMonster
  36. @JamesViser
  37. @JasonSlusher
  38. @JBurt73
  39. @JerryMcClellan2
  40. @JillJillthePill
  41. @Jim____Johnson
  42. @JonEMTP
  43. @JPFOAlert
  44. @k0diak314
  45. @KentAtwater
  46. @KentAtwater2
  47. @KoryDWatkins
  48. @LawSelfDefense
  49. @lee10011
  50. @LibertyArmsMN
  51. @linoge_wotc
  52. @MarineReconDad
  53. @Marsellus666
  54. @MDGunsBen
  55. @MicekJosh23
  56. @MickyBaker1
  57. @MolonLabeNJ
  58. @MomsNeedHobbies
  59. @MonsantoBadGuns
  60. @muddman97
  61. @MuttonChopsRock
  62. @notplainjoe
  63. @OpenCarryTexas
  64. @PRoseish
  65. @PRoseish_2
  66. @quixxdraw
  67. @reaper11b81
  68. @ReviveLiberty
  69. @RobAlexandr
  70. @robdoar
  71. @rolloutside
  72. @RonPaul2012FTW
  73. @sdsorrentino (ME!!! Definitely follow me!!!)
  74. @ShantBe
  75. @SmartGunLaw (Originally I mistook this for another group. Fixed!)
  76. @soderstromk
  77. @Sparticus33W
  78. @State_Control
  79. @StrippedLower
  80. @TacticoolRonald
  81. @TCguns_carry
  82. @toyotahater
  83. @TyreByter
  84. @WildBillBaldwin

Thanks @Guitars4Guns, I’m honored to be counted among these patriots. I pledge to redouble my efforts so that I’m worthy to remain in their company.

Can you believe that he didn’t even make the list hyperlinked so you could follow your allies? I’ve fixed that. If you’re on Twitter, click the link and follow each and every one. The more followers each of us has, the harder it is for the haters to exploit the SpamBlock feature to get us kicked off Twitter. And make no mistake. If this guy could do it, he would get us all thrown off Twitter in a heartbeat.

24 responses to “I’m one of the #GunBullies. Why aren’t you?

  1. This is the first time I’m sad I don’t have a twitter account!

  2. Weer’d: I consider you an Honorary Member of the Ancient and Venerable Order of #GunBullies.

  3. You have confused @SmartGunLaw with @SmartGunLaws…..

  4. FIXED!! Thanks Infor Guy.

  5. I’m one of the originals from the old Brady blog where ‘Kelli’ tried using rape terminology to shut down any opposition to her views.

  6. Excellent! This has helped me follow several new 2A supporters!

  7. It will be interesting to see if Guitars4BetaMales follows through on his threats to bring legal charges against some subset of the “gun bullies” list, and who, specifically, he is targeting. I wonder if his pulling the list was done in an effort to conceal his provocation of us?

  8. My son is one of the best guitar players you’ll ever hear, and he supports the 2nd. “Guitars4Guns” is a Bieber loving hack.

  9. I love how he made a list of #GunBullies that everyone needs to block and ignore. Then he password protected his list so that no one can see the list of people to block and ignore.

    Maybe he’s a fan of Dean Wormer from Animal House

  10. Ronnie Auther has been oddly silent.

  11. I’m not on the list because I’ve been out of the Twitterverse for a while. Hence, I haven’t had a chance to “bully” the Gun Control Cultists.

  12. And another update – apparently only myself and @KentAtwater are worthy of being singled out for special “gun sense” attention.

    Good times.

  13. Glad to be with such great company.

  14. “Bully” is the Left’s new “racist.” You’ll be hearing a lot of it. Watch for it.

  15. Damn, here I am, not a Twitter’er.

    But, Gun Bullies Ruuuuulllleeeee!!!! <—multiple exclamation points for added emphasis and moar!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  16. Jim: For that sentiment, you can use all the exclamation points you want!!!

  17. Me, me, me-too!!
    Guns are just a regular part of life in the West – it’s not about *Oakland* or *Richmond* or even *Saca-tomatos* – except how they disarm and disenfranchise innocent people, and continue to empower gangsters and gang-bangers, and the failed and absolutely ruinous state of identity politics and Blue State policies.

  18. On my blog I’m calling you and the other “gun bullies,” Hero of the Second Amendment. If they can make up words, so can I. Keep on blogging! Keep on fighting!

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  20. Proud to be a “plankowner” member of #gunbullies. 🙂

    –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

  21. thelogicalpositivist

    Another anti-freedom activist.

  22. Does this mean it’s too late to get my name added to the list? Damn. 🙁

  23. I haven’t been as active on Twitter lately, but I am saddened to not have made the list nonetheless.